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Top 10 motorcycle touring routes from around the globe 2015-09-27

Infographic with ten of the best riding routes from around the world

  1. Mouth
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    Route 66 - United States

    The journey along the highway became one of hope as people drifted west to escape the Depression in the 1930s. The road’s place in American history was cemented in song and is the best way to get to the heart of America. It’s not called ‘The Mother Road’ for nothing.

    The Cat & Fiddle - England
    With winding corner after winding corner and just enough straight to negotiate the lorries, the journey is a hugely enjoyable one. Weave through the stunning scenery of the Peak District but be warned – its popularity and tempting corners make it one of Britain’s most dangerous roads for bikers.

    San Bernardino Pass
    Originally a trade route linking the Italian port of Genoa to Switzerland, the pass weaves through the far-eastern side of the Western Alps, mountains combining with pine trees, unique regional flora and wetlands to provide a unique riding experience. A route of seemingly endless twists, turns and elevation changes, the biggest test comes from the Rhine gorge between Thusis and Zillis, which bears the name Via Mala, or ‘Bad Road’.

    Cabo De Gata To Granada - Spain
    While the Alps grab the headlines when it comes to continental motorcycle tours, the rolling hills of Northern Spain offer a very different - but no less exciting – experience.

    The route provides the unique opportunity to ride through desert, mountains and mile after mile of untouched rural coastline on the same trip. The chance to explore the rural villages in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada is also a way to experience a side of Spain that few people get to see.

    The Amalfi Coast - Italy
    The Amalfi Coast is considered perhaps the finest example of coastal scenery on the peninsula. A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are beautiful vistas every which way you look.

    Strada Statale 163 will take you from Sorrento to Amalfi, and most of the twisting road has been carved directly out of the coastal cliffs. A source of inspiration for everyone from composer Richard Wagner to playwright Tennessee Williams, it’s a journey not easily forgotten.

    Vlora To Saranda - Albania
    Winding along the coast, it takes in sleepy villages and craggy cliffs seemingly unaffected by the march of time. The route’s end in Saranda is just two nautical miles from the Greek island of Corfu and a short boat ride from the Italian peninsula.

    Bar To Sarajevo - Montenegro / Bosnia
    The Balkans is not just about scenery, it offers a visual history of the Yugoslav Wars of the early 1990s. The journey from Bar in Montenegro - accessible from Italy - to Sarajevo in Bosnia combines beauty and history. Stunning coastline leads up to the UNESCO site of Dubrovnik before the route weaves inland to Sarajevo - two beautiful cities where the signs of war are still plain to see.

    Nurburgring - Germany
    For motorcycle enthusiasts, all roads should lead to the Nurburgring. Built in the 1920s, the original track weaved a colossal 17.5 miles through the Eeifel mountains, although later safety changes have restricted public access to the 12.9-mile Nordschleife, or Northern Loop. Perhaps the most challenging purpose-built racetrack in the world, it is a Mecca for petrol heads.

    Betws-y-coed Triangle - England
    North Wales is another extremely popular destination for British bikers, with the rolling hills, weaving roads and – let’s face it – changeable weather offering a really challenging ride.

    The triangle combines sharp off-camber corners with undulating straights, all back-dropped by Snowdonia in the distance. Popular with car and motorbike clubs, local pubs and towns are well-accustomed to dealing with bikers.

    Ho Chi Minh Trail - Vietnam
    The trail developed in the early 1960s as a route between North and South Vietnam through neighbouring Laos and Cambodia, avoiding the demilitarised zone between the two warring Vietnams. Now it offers a stunning route through the rural countryside that is only passable by foot or motorcycle, with the constant threat of torrential rain.
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