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The Wave

You just do. It's important.

  1. Mouth
    The Wave
    By Tom Ruttan


    The bikes passenger seat swept up just enough that I could see over my...
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  1. Is that kinda like nodding?

  2. Don't you start :LOL:
  3. @hornet@hornet, it's absolutely nod my intention to cause any trouble. If I say something that I should nod, then please let me know and I'll nod continue saying it. Honestly, I do nod know why you thought my intentions were nod entirely innocent. I'm not a nasty guy, honestly I'm nod. :roflmao:
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  4. Nice article.
    Seems that less and less wave these days where I ride at least.
    I still do it (or a nod) out of habit but more often enough than not, I don't get a return wave which is a shame.
  5. Ah yes, I remember the good old days when there were regular threads on the etiquette of the nod, techniques, who and when, etc.

    Yeah, it really takes me back. What happened to that Netrider?

    Don't get me wrong, I love a good nodding thread. But back in the day, someone like Smee or Goz would be all over this thread, with their take on it.

    Now, a thread like this gets very little interest. Even I can barely bother to respond. Why is it that so few on here can show this thread the respect of a simple response?

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  6. @Brmmm@Brmmm

    I hear you, the days of a nodding thread may well be drawing to a close but now we have a new friend - the " Waving Thread "

    @smileedude@smileedude - come over you will like this new thread

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  7. Surely nod! ;)
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  8. I want the helmets we had for a while back, liking a thread is nod the same
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  9. Yeah, for a while I considered changing my NR name to Noddy, but when they made the change from nods to whatever it is now, changing my NR name simply was nod worth it.
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  10. Wasn't Noddy banned over the uncertainty of his relationship with Big Ears???
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  11. Yeah another casualty of political correctness gone mad.
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  12. @Mcsenna@Mcsenna i fear we are showing our age..........
  13. I don't know about the whole wave or nodding thing.

    When I first started to ride I would nod at everyone but as I ride more and more and commute everyday I just find myself doing it less and less. I might give a quick nod to the other regular commuters I see. But on the weekends when there are a lot of bikes out and I just can't be fcuked it's not that big of a deal for me.
  14. Beats the alternative ay jem ?
  15. That adds a whole new dimension to the word "noddy". ;)
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  16. I would Nod wave to anyone in Hi-viz.
  17. Are you sure you would nod wave ...... @Heli@Heli rides in a tiger angel hi viz jacket, being on a white BMW he gets all sorts of reactions some nod expected........
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  18. It does indeed @Mcsenna@Mcsenna it does indeed

    I am quite surprised this thread has nod had more posts I fear that @Brmmm@Brmmm may be correct
  19. I only get excited about nodding threads because of the impending smee. It's like watching the loan gazelle calf in the Sahara in a documentary.

    Mouth is no gazelle calf and I can't see any impending bloodshed.