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Ownership / Operational cost calculator 2016-07-15

Ownership / Operational cost calculator

  1. ibast
    Questions come up regularly about the cost of ownership so I decided to create a bit of a calculator. It's only a first pass and it's based on self servicing.

    Critical feed back welcome. And by that I mean I don't want to hear how the cost of a front sprocket it 50 cents cheaper than my example input. I'd like to hear about things I've missed or incorrect assumptions I've made.

    Warning, the output number will be scary for many people.

    Cost is for the next year of ownership.
  1. I was interested but it says I don't have permission to view it. Probably a good thing haha

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  2. Ditto
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  3. #4 Jeffco, Jul 15, 2016
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    Must need the secret netrider handshake, I don't know it :confused:

    I offered a boobie pick but that didn't work either:p
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  4. Help MouthMouth. I can upload now, but nobody (including myself) can read it.
  5. Can't go there either
  6. Cue Uncle Greg
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  7. yep
    i know the secret handshake
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  8. put your cue away !
  9. im very careful with my cue
    dont want to break the tip
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  10. plenty of chalk and a light grip should help
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  11. Have you factored depreciation, and if so on what basis?
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  13. Fixed.
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  14. no one depreciates my cue
  15. thanks Mouth
  16. i have. You can adjust it within
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  17. Does anyone appreciate it? :p
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  18. um
    let me get back to you
  19. I'd say that means no. But it's Uncle Greg. So clearly that means yes. It's like a Chuck Norris thing.

    You don't appreciate Uncle Greg's cue... Uncle Greg's cue appreciates YOU!
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