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Melbourne Return via Eildon, Yea, Kinglake and St Andrews

A great day out on the bike, this ride takes you through Eildon, Yea, Kinglake and St Andrews

  1. Mouth
    Route Distance (km's):
    Route Duration (hr's):
    Ride Description
    Starting and finishing in Malvern. This ride starts with a bit of suburban riding through Ashburton to warm...
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  1. A great ride, for sure. Done most of the northern part several times.

    May I suggest an alternative to Maroondah Hwy, b/w Alex and Molesworth.

    It's called Whanregarwen Rd and it's a much nicer ride. Very scenic and not too challenging.

    Ride on...
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  2. If you go to My Maps - Google and create it, you can either add it as an additional route or I'd be happy to update this one.
  3. As I do not have a Google account, would mind just adding it to your map, perhaps as an alternative?
  4. I am thinking of doing this on Sunday ! thanks guys!
  5. Done. Map updated. Thanks.
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