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Maitland to Batemans Bay Loop

2 - 4 days riding

  1. Mouth
    Route Distance (km's):
    Route Duration (hr's):
    Ride Description
    Old Pacific Hwy, Macquarie Pass, Kangaroo Valley, The Kings Hwy, Goulburn to Oberon and the Bylong Valley...
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  1. The first part of the route would be much more interesting if it went north to the intersection of the Golden Highway, just south of Singleton, then crossed across to the Putty Road. Turn right at Penrith and cross over to the Oaks Road, join the Wollongong Road at the Picton turnoff and complete the route from there.....

  2. If you go to My Maps - Google and create it, you can either add it as an additional route or I'd be happy to update this one.
  3. Sure!!!!
  4. Won't let me view hornet, It's asking for permission.
  5. Hang on I'll try and sort it out...

    That working now???
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  6. Yup, all good thank you
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