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How to Siphon Fuel From Your Motorcycle Tank

How to Siphon Fuel From Your Motorcycle Tank

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    You were were probably taught how to siphon fuel from your motorcycle tank during primary school science class. Perhaps not in such exact terms,...
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  1. its a lot harder doing it quietly in the pitch dark

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  2. or with a non-see through hose!
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  3. Use a jiggler siphon, no gas in the mouth, not even the fumes and it's pretty quick. I often have carried one under the bird seat on tours with L/P bikes as some have such short range.
  4. Cough...Ilch....Cough

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  5. It's still lots better to not use your mouth.

    If you only have a length of plastic tubing, it is possible to set up a siphon effect by pushing the tubing as much into the petrol as possible.

    When tube is near enough full of petrol, place thumb over end of tube, then, in a smooth movement pull out the end with your thumb on it, lower that end down to where you want the petrol, must be lower than the fuel in the tank, then release thumb.

    With any luck at all, you should have a flow of petrol.

    Yeah, a jiggler or pump siphon is easier, but sometimes you have to do it the hard way.
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  6. Saw a great suggestion on a youtube vid, which suggested two hoses, one in the fuel and out to a drainage container, and the other in the fuel tank. seal around the two hoses and the opening in your fuel tank using tape or even your hand, and blow...once the flow starts, remove hand/tape...no mouth to fuel, no premium ulp mouthwash....
    However, would recommend proper equipment over this suggestion if given a choice!
  7. Why does the article say you have to wash the tube? I'd have thought any residual petrol would evaporate quickly, and washing would risk any residual water contaminating the next lot of siphoned fuel.
  8. The version of this that I am acquainted with, is the hose for the petrol is set up, one end where the petrol is and the other where you want the petrol to be, lower down.

    You then get a rag and use the air hose, typically found in a garage, to blow up tyres, to pressurise the petrol tank (only slightly) to push petrol up the tube, the rag forming the "seal".

    BTW, repeated use of the air hose in this way buggers up the pressure gauge in the air hose.

    Don't ask how I know this.

    Yet another alternative, if you have a reasonably wide tube to get the petrol up, is to thread a length of string through the tube, tie onto one end a petrol soaked rag, push that end into the petrol in the tank, then pull the string...... using the rag as a sort of piston thingy.