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How to do an oil change

Simple guide on how to do an oil change on your basic Japanese bike

  1. Mouth
    How to do an oil change
    By Craig Motbey

    This is a simple guide on how to do an oil change on your basic Japanese bike....
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  1. So. What do you do when you strip the thread where the sump bolt goes?

  2. Drill and tap a new thread and install a thread insert or, drill a size larger, then run a new thread and use a larger sump bolt.

    Thread insert: insert.
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  3. First you use "mystic power words". Lots and lots of them. You may even make up some new ones. They won't do anything for the stripped thread but the wallpaper may peel and the air may turn blue.

    Then you do this:

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  4. If you replace the aluminum crush washer every second time you change the oil ,and use the specified torque settings you shouldn't strip the thread (y)
  5. I cursed many deities. Not the gods of speed though. They are still held in veneration.
  6. You better hope if you use one of those puppies, that the break off tab comes back out of the sump with the tool......

    Much better to do as 'Benny' says, and torque it properly so it doesn't strip. Mind you, i've seen someone using a torque wrench still flatten the washer to a fifth of its original thickness, to the point where it fractured the washer, and still didn't strip the bolt.
  7. Some people assume that because it's the "magic torque wrench tool of torqueing" that they can't strip bolts if they use it. It never occurs to them to actually LEARN how to use it. Not that it's hard of course, but if you don't take a few minutes to learn how and pay attention when you use it it's just another expensive breaker bar.
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  8. Done quite a few (mostly for customers) even spark plug threads where you could imagine the carnage/noise if the tang dropped in! Trick is to dip the end of the insertion tool in grease so it retains the tang upon break-off. Worked every time.
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