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How Motorcycle Riding Improves Physical Health

How Motorcycle Riding Improves Physical Health

  1. Mouth
    This post is dedicated to every rider who’s sick to death of those “motorcycles are so dangerous” conversations, to every mother who’s convinced...
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  1. Unfortunately I haven't lost any weight since taking up riding. I'd hate to thing those cafe stops I now have that I never used to are countering this. Do you have any good points for stopping at cafe's too. :)

    On a serious note - while these are good points, they don't really change the whole 'motorcycles are dangerous' concept. Rock climbing is healthy too - but naysayers are still worried about the 'what ifs' and will always be able to give you alternatives that are 'safer' and 'more fitter'.

    I've found that most with those attitudes normally can't be reasoned with anyway. The advice for me when I first got my bike was to rock up to my parents house - fully kitted out in riding gear - not in shorts and a t-shirt and show them I'm serious about safety. Actions speak louder than words. That and riding with people that didn't have a reputation of being idiots. Apart from that time seems to have be the best alie. People get used to it after a while. I don't get any negative comments anymore. Not sure which to attribute it to - maybe a combination of all 3?

  2. Look, I love riding and am not going to knock it ever. It's awesome and always makes me feel a million bucks. But it's not going to make you fit. Yes there are some physical benefits, but it's not like going out for a serious run, road/mountain bike ride/other workout. IMO you need to combine your love for riding with some other exercise if you want to keep reasonably in shape, particularly as you get older.

    Or just get fat and switch to a cruiser (dives for cover) ;)
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  3. What about mental health?
    I can't believe how long I endured the rude bastards on the train & the gridlock that is sydney peak hour. Commuting now is much more Zen even with the occasional driver who isn't paying attention

    Bikes just make things better. Period :)
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  4. Quality of life. (y)
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  5. Riding is "feel good "therapy. The sense of freedom experienced as you hurtle along with the wind blasting you is the next best thing to flying. An enjoyable( and possibly healthy ) pastime.
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  6. Already on it.. having said that, it's taking me longer to get the cruiser than it did to get the physique. [​IMG]
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  7. It makes my 50 k commute to work up the Pacific Highway something I quite enjoy. The extra trip to my other office is 220k each way and that is even more fun.

    I get to work alive in more ways than one and I have cut down on my caffeine cos you can't sip a latte on a bike. I take more interest in the weather but I seem to take the longer route through the hills whenever I can make an excuse that it looked like rain So fuel economy is a moot point.

    I don't mind going into town for milk or tonic water for the G&T.

    I wash the bike and clean it then I do the two cars just cos I have all the stuff out in the drive.

    If I'd didnt have a bike it would be boring.
  8. or sailing
  9. 200/300 calories per hour x 4 hours = 800/1200 calories
    i loled at the math
  10. I don't think the article was meant to be read as riding a bike will turn you into a physical god/godess and flunkies will then fall at your feet wanted to bask in your aura of magnificence. I read it as riding a bike is good for you, mentally and has some physical benefits.
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  11. How do you burn 200-300 calories per hour sitting on a bike steering it.

    What maths? I said 300 calories in total for 4 hours.

    You'd be lucky to be burning between 70-80 calories an hour while riding

    While riding for 4 hours you'd burn between 280-320 calories perhaps more if you are particularly unfit and your heart and lungs have to work harder to pump and oxygenate your blood

    If you run your arse off for an hour you burn about 4-500 calories
  12. I didn't write the article linked
  13. All the points are weak at best, motorcycling has probably no better health benefits than stamp collecting and going for a walk outside.

    Why do people feel they need to justify the decision to ride?

    If someone says to you motorcycling is dangerous shrug your shoulders and move on.

    Telling them studies indicate you have a 0.2% less chance of developing alzheimer's in 40 years time, isn't going to change there opinion.
  14. your starting too sound like Borris

    "...You burn zero calories an hour riding passenger on a cruiser..."

    What a load of shit the average person would burn 1800 calories sitting on the couch all day or about 75 calories an hour just breathing.

    If you are burning zero calories an hour your fcuking dead.

    Perhaps a rider in under race conditions could get there heart rate to 80-90% of there maximum and hold it there for an hour.

    Again if typical road riding requires you to do more than gentle lean a little body weight on the bars to change your bikes direction you are doing it wrong.
  16. that last line doesnt realy ring true with the quote from your hero though does it
  17. I still think you are reading too much into this iClint. Motorcycling has its risks, we all know that. It has innumerable benefits and I am sure we all know that; otherwise we wouldn't do it.
  18. all good I can never tell :]
  19. Never said he was my hero, just read that when it popped up in my FB feed and think it relates to the conversation.

    Why do riders need to justify their choices to anyone.

    Why get upset if someone tells you riding is dangerous? It's true.

    Making up weak arguments to justify riding is stupid. Just tell 'em the fun out ways the dangers.