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Honda CB900 Hornet (2006)

Owner Review

  1. RichardinNZ
    2006-Honda-919a. 3 Star Reviewer

    2006 Honda CB900 Hornet – 919cc – In line 4 – Naked

    When did I own this bike – 2014 - 2016...
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  1. I bought one of these new in '06. A fantastic all round bike. I think your score is a bit modest though. They're underated real world bikes. I was more of hoon when I had mine and used to do stopies and wheelies on mine ;)

    These were built to a price point, so the suspension is on the soft side. Which is why you may have found it not fantastic in the corners, but at 8 years old when you owned it, it may have just needed the suspension freshened up. I found it crap at two up though, needs loads more preload on the rear to keep the front end handling adequate.
  2. Thanks Bob, all good points. I liked it too.

    The original idea was that you also review the bike and give the score you think is appropriate. Over time, as more reviews accumulate, we end up with a good over view of the pros and cons of that particular bike, from different points of view.

    Would you be interested in doing that?