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Google Earth map - Service stations 2015-11-17

Google Earth map - Service stations

  1. GJ384
    Hi guys,

    I've had perhaps too much time over the last couple of days, and have managed to create a Google Earth map of all of the Caltex, BP and Shell service stations in Australia (4,335 service stations in total). The map is attached to this post (if I've done it right).

    For the BP and Caltex service stations, clicking on the location will give you the full street address along with a list of types of fuel available, opening hours, whether or not they have EFTPOS and/or an ATM. The BP service stations also include information about the amenities available (eg cafe, restaurant, toilets, etc) - see the first screen shot for an example. Unfortunately Shell don't provide any of this information in their downloadable GPS data - not even the street address - so I haven't been able to include that for Shell service stations.

    You'll need Google Earth in order to open the map (too many locations for Google Maps online to handle) - once that's installed on your computer, simply download the file attached, unzip it, and double-click on the "Servos.kml" file to open it in Google Earth. You can then select to show either all BP, Caltex and Shell servos, or switch each individual chain on or off.

    You can then take the following steps to save it into your "My Places" in Google Earth so that it's available whenever you need it:

    1. In Google Earth, find the "Places" tab (shown on the left hand side of my screen in the second screen shot above)
    2. Expand the "Temporary Places" folder, then the "Servos.kml" folder within it.
    3. Click and drag the "Servos" folder from within the "Servos.kml" folder into your desired location within the "My Places" folder further up the list.
    4. Click File > Save > Save My Places.

    It's based on GPS data which you can download from the respective operators' websites, which I've then compiled together and converted into a format Google Maps & Earth can read. Please note however that the locations are therefore only as accurate as the information on the operators' websites as of yesterday (15 January 2013) - any service stations which open after that date won't be in the map, and any which close after that date will still be shown on the map.

    I hope some of you find this useful - it took a bit of mucking around to make it all work properly.

    Please let me know if you do download and use this map to plan rides - if many people end up using it I'll do an update every 6 months or so to keep the locations accurate.


    1. servos.jpg
  1. That is useful, especially being able to check what fuels they have available. I'm sick of having to buy 98 octane premium because a servo only has 91 contaminated with alcohol which I can't use in the bike, or doesn't stock the 95 octane I use in the car.

    I'll definitely be using this for ride planning, and thanks to going to the effort of putting it all together. :)
  2. Top work. This should be made a sticky.....

    Incidentally, we're you trying to avoid mowing the lawn, or something like that :ROFLMAO:
  3. Thanks for taking the time, now if only I could open it.

    Note to self, read the instruction first..Doh
  4. Why didn't you use red as the colour for the Caltex stations?
  5. A++++++ for effort
    A ++ for result (only because you didn't include a mobile version :LOL: )

    Nah, great job and will be forwarding to anyone one I know (2 people).
  6. It was going to be either red or dark cyan. Dark cyan seemed to be the predominant colour on the symbols they used on their own maps on their website, so for that reason alone I went dark cyan :p
  7. Not the lawn, but perhaps baby duty... :whistle:
  8. Great work GJ384 ! Trying to get this to work on my Android tablet (Nexus 7) anyone had any success ?
  9. I've had trouble getting it to work correctly on my iPad - it seems that the Google Earth App (as opposed to the desktop software) is limited in the number of points it will show on a map. I'm looking at splitting it up into smaller chunks - ie regions, for convenience - fair bit more work in that though, so it's a work in progress... Stay tuned! Please keep me updated on any progress you make with your Android tablet though.
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  10. Awwww that wasn't a very fun game at all..... Challenge won...

    Unzipped the servos.kml file in my downloads folder. Tapped on it, Google Earth opens, all points displayed !

    Thanks again GJ384 :)

    (3 weeks until this becomes awesomely handy :)
  11. Of course it works on Android and not iOS! Serves me right for being an (albeit reluctant) Apple fanboy. I should have expected nothing else!
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  12. Got some more to add to your list when I get back :)
  13. #14 Nickers330, Feb 23, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2014
    *** DOWNLOADING THE ABOVE FILE ON IPAD (via GoodReader app) ***

    First and foremost, THANK YOU GJ384 for your painstaking efforts in creating this very useful file. Definitely worthy of a sticky :)

    The file CAN be opened in Google Earth on an IPad (mine's an IPad 2) using GoodReader (no doubt other file storage/organising apps would work in a similar way). Please refer to the following steps :

    1. Ensure Google Earth is installed

    2. Ensure GoodReader app is installed (excellent file organising/storing app worthy of purchase - not free, but not expensive)

    3. Click on the file above (bottom of GJ384's opening post). This will open a window asking you to "Open in..." or " Open in "GoodReader".... Select the latter option.

    4. You may be directed to your GoodReader app now. If not, go to GoodReader and search down your file list (left side) for "Servos.kml" ( If it's displayed as Servos.zip, you'll need to unzip it first for 'kml' to be shown, as above).

    5. Click on "Servos.kml" from the file list. This will open an action window - Select "TXT Viewer" option. This will open another page (light brown in colour) showing all the programming of the file (letters, numbers, < and > symbols etc)

    6. Whilst on this page, press the iPad screen to bring up an action/address bar at the bottom and select the 2nd last symbol on the right, an outgoing symbol (arrow).

    7. Another action window appears - select the 1st (top of the list) action : ... Open In...
    Google Earth logo should appear.

    8. Select Google Earth as per above... Job Done :)

  14. Technicalities aside, I thought I heard that Shell was divesting itself of many of its servos, is this correct?
  15. Thanks for this map GJ384. I've just got it all loaded up and working on my iPhone. Should come in handy on longer trips out of state etc.
    Great work.
  16. +++ for the effort. I bought Hema maps with this but this is so much better !