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Going for your permit or licence?

Going for your permit or licence?

  1. Shambles
    To make things a little easier for the people starting out and wanting further information on how to go about getting their licence and learner...
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  1. Tell me???

    Does this meant that if I pass my test I get a full motorcycle licence. (I hold a full car licence)

    Ah hang on I see... 12 month restrictions. (Wonder what happens if I move back to NSW...)
  2. In Victoria you will still have the probationary period of 12 months, you are not required to display "P Plates".

    In NSW, I think you would be still to young to hold a mature age rider licence, I think the age is 30, so restrictions would also apply in NSW as well.
  3. Hope you are referring to Shannon, if not I hope the pay is good. :LOL:
  4. Thanks for posting all the info, it is all so helpful xxx
  5. Really? The only info I could find says you need to show the 'P' plate.

  6. If you hold a full car liscence you don't need to display P plates
  7. Also, not sure about other places, but were i went, Adamstown in Newcastle, the learner test is on even if its pouring rain, might be like that in alot of places tho
  8. Shambles licencing info

    Ta Good Info.. question..
    If I get a scoota licence (Tasmania) but later decide to get a bike licence.. what will be expected of me? another $270? and two day course?
  9. can some one please tell me what i need to do to get my license in OLD? im 17 and im on my first year of p car license and im also on a good behavior period.

    I heard i can get my licence from qride in a day?
    what other alternatives are there?
  10. Have you got your learners yet? If not you were really silly not to do it when you got your car learners (free and only 5 questions) and also because new laws that were heavily publicised came into place on july 1 that mean you need to have a car license for 1 year before you can get your motorbike l's.

    If you don't have them then you'll have to (judging by your dob of 1990) wait till next year when you've had your license for a year and then do your learners. From here you will possibly have to wait another 6-12month period on your learners before undertaking qride or the qsafe test [as far as i'm away government hasn't decided what to do with motorists who have just entered the new system].

    If you already have your learners (ie got them before july 1) then you can do a qride course that at minimum will be 2 days. This should cost between $250-500 and is really the only option for most people who don't own a bike.
  11. ok i just called up qride and to answer my question:

    all i need to do is just go and get my bike L's and do the qride course... no waiting time or anything...

    thats considering i do have me car P's and i will have a restricted engine allowance (250cc)

    it costs $330 for the first six hours and $48 for every additional hour you require

    thats for queensland
  12. you cannot get your bike l's until next year if you don't have them now full stop

    also that price is a total rip off, i did 2 days for $270
  13. oh.. so whats stopping me from walking in to qld transport tomorrow and getting my l's?
    whered you do your course?

    oh n ya btw, who knows all of the 5 answers to the 5 bike l's questions?
  14. The questsions are pretty easy, just make sure you know the regulations on parking bikes and carrying passengers.
  15. the person who serves you at the qld transport csc that you go to :roll:
  16. edit* stupid question
  17. short answer, no, won't be valid, forget about it, long answer, check your pm.
  18. cheers heaps for the advice, im going for my p's next week!

    wish me luck lol