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First Track Day - A Tutorial

First Track Day - A Tutorial

  1. Respi
    Let's face it, track days are hell of a lot of fun and in reality the only legal way you can you can truly test the limits of your bike, and...
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  1. +1 for sticky. Good write up.

  2. Great write up mate.
    Regarding insurance, some companies may offer track insurance at an extra cost. Doesn't hurt to call them and just ask.

    Regarding scrutineering.
    As this thread is for first timers to track days. Scrutineering is where the officials will go over your bike to make sure it's safe to go on the track. I haven't actually done a track day, just been to a few so I am hoping some one experienced with give a more detailed explanation on it.
  3. Chain,tyres,clutch free play,brakes... it's just a once over to make sure your bike is up to scratch..

    As for insurance, good luck getting covered as part of your normal policy...
  4. At scruit, the following are checked:

    Visual checks:
    - bike not leaking any fluids
    - fairings held on with propper fasteners, nothing loose, etc
    - brake pad thickness (anything less than 50% is usually picked up on)
    - tread depth above wear indicators (unless there's 2mm+ it will get picked up on)
    - check for lap timers, cameras, etc.

    Physical checks:
    - chain tension
    - brakes (front & back)
    - throttle action (must snap back to closed throttle easily)
    - lastly, a general wiggle of anything that looks suspect
  5. Thanks for the clairfication.

    I know it wouldn't be part of the normal policy. I mean that it's an optional product all together. Most probably wouldn't offer it, but it wouldn't hurt to give them a call to find out. Then again, it would probably cost more for the cover then it would for the track day lol
  6. + 1 for a sticky..... Thats Fantatsic!!!

    When's the next track day!!! Im pumped, might go and play with the bike!!
  7. Having seen a billion youtube vids of people hammering it along tracks, I have to ask, why are they frowned upon?
  8. probably because people *may* feel the need to push it harder whilst they have the camera on the bike, to impress whoever may watch it on youtube. when pushing it, some people crash.

    same for lap timers... people pushing it to beat their PB, and crash.

  9. I am awaiting my tax return. First thing I am doing when it comes in is booking my first track day at EC.

    Thanks for the writeup.
    In regards to checking the bike, I have a crack in my front fairing just next to the windshield. Would this matter? I am looking to get it plastic welded, I assume that would sort out any problems they may have with it? (SRAD era GSX-R 750 if that helps)
  10. Nothing some tape won't fix :)

    As long as it's secure you'll be fine...

    Who's out on the 24th?
  11. 24th eh?
    My tax return should arrive any day now, if there are still spots available for the 24th Ill lock it in.

    Ill be in the white group though, I assume you will not be hehe
  12. no camera's? you serious? that seems a bit retarded.
  13. do they check the disks? my rear disk has some light rust on it.. would they not let me ride because of this? im planning on going to PI in november.
  14. If your disk is rusting up they'll probably pay more attention to the bike for wear/tear issues. Why not clean up that disc mate? Go out and just muck with the rear brake for a bit and wear down the rust buildup, or clean it.
  15. they don't check discs like a RWC guy does.... no micrometer, no checking of minimum thickness, etc. they only check if it works. but for what it's worth, clean up the disc. as stated above, the bike will be looked at more closely if they pick up on one item that looks a little "sus".
  16. Camera would be another way to time laps. No lap timing allowed.
  17. It seems on Champion Ridedays you must not have a camera fitted or you will be knocked back during scrutineering. HOWEVER, if you mount one on your bike once its been scrutineered they look the other way.

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  18. I nearly got banned for life from Eastern Creek & Phillip Island for using a video device. So with that said, I'd strongly suggest you don't try it or else you'll face the same outcome I did. I had to write a lengthy letter justifying why I shouldn't be perma banned... Wasn't fun
  19. I did a Champions at Oran Park and they said cameras were OK as long as they were secure. They said the steward at the pit lane exit would grab it and give it a shake, and if he was happy it would stay in place they were fine. Also warned us that no liability or effort to retrieve would be accepted in the case of an off.

    Must just come down to the operator policies.