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Fatigue and Motorcycle Touring 2014-10-16

Fatigue is our shadow, but never our friend

  1. Mouth
    As the sun sets and the miles pass, fatigue becomes our shadow but never our friend. The pleasures of a riding vacation can melt into frustration if a rider pushes the day's miles beyond his or her abilities.
  1. :watching: Brilliant.. Found it very useful and will be taking precautions during long trips(y)

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  2. I found this article quite helpful, thanks!
  3. So one of the symptoms of fatigue while riding, according to the table on page 2, is - spilling drinks :)

    Interesting article anyway.
  4. You know its time to stop for a rest when you see the elves running up the white posts to turn the reflectors off as you ride past. Even if it is in the do not stop zone near the woomera rocket range.
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  5. They're not elves, they're imps.
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  6. And sometimes they're kangaroos unfortunately. Common tell tale sign of something NQR is when reflectors blink out, expect the unexpected.
  7. Can you buy them without prescription?
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  8. I did attempted a Iron But Association BB2500K once. I was hoping to go further (I was about the 3000km mark), but my wife called and I could not operate the Sena. She left a message and somehow how I managed to dial up the message bank, and found myself trying to talk to a recorded message. Figured that was about time to call it quits! The most annoying thing about it, was I failed to get an end witness to validate the ride because I was to fatigued. I did get someone to sign off for a SS1600KM though.

    I have learn a lot since then. Now on the first onset of fatigue, I stop, put the bike on the centre stand, put my head down on the tank bag and sleep for half an hour. Its amazing the difference it makes to your ride.
  9. I hit a red roo, thank fcuk it was only a small one. Still managed to break my ankle and do about $3500 damage to my bike, but I stayed upright!