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Customising Pedal Controls

Short pictorial tutorial on adjusting your pedal controls

  1. hornet
    So I've been going on about customising controls to suit the individual, so I thought I'd post a short pictorial tutorial. The pics are of the...
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  1. A nice guide there Hornet.
    Though why do I get this feeling this is going to end up turning into a multi-page argument over where the "correct" position of a shift/brake lever is ;).
    (I prefer to have both levers at the same level as my foot :-w :bolt: ).

  2. I removed my pedals to get a cleaner line for the bike :LOL: aesthetics over functionality anytime.....

    : :spam:
  3. Great Guide Paul .. Well Done.


    I spend a while getting the control comfy when I purchase a bike. I think it's something everyone should do.
    Lets hope the "Uncle Paul' series doesnt end with pedal adjustments.
    There's levers, Handlebars, .... :-k Can't think what else is easily customisable, but I'm sure there's a few more.
  4. Good job Paul. I have replaced part of my shift mechanism due to a little too much adjustment over the weekend :oops: Don't over tighten the locking nuts!

    EDIT: The cool thing I noticed about the stock setup on the CBR (and your Hornet too - exact same setup) is you can reverse the shift pattern with the stock bits. I didn't know many bikes could do that.
  5. i changed the fireblade to a suicide shift, so whilst it is a good tutorial, no good for me.
  6. The Triumph Daytona 675 also has the stock-parts raceshift capability (I haven't checked if the Speed Triple and Tiggly do it too).

    Great job, Hornet. :grin:
  7. Mate, I can't begin to tell you how helpful this was. :grin:
    Well, the gear shift part, haven't tackled the brake part yet......
  8. That tutorial was "nutty"

    good stuff Paul :wink:
  9. Well after that terrible pun, I think I'll bolt :).
  10. Sorry noob question. What does a suicide shift, race shift, and reversing the shift pattern all mean?
  11. Nice work there grandpa!

    Standard pattern, 1 down X up.

    Race pattern is 1 up, X down.

    Basically means when the hammer is down, so is the gear change.

    It gives a little extra clearance when accelerating out of corners - the foot is not dangling below the pedal when cranked.

    Cejay / MVRog or some other capable racing dude can confirm.
  12. Rob's handled the race pattern...now for suicide shift...

    If you go to Broadford for the Southern Classic, you'll see old Harleys racing with their original gear levers - just like a manual car shifter. It rides in a gate on the side of the tank. To change gears, you disengage the motor with a clutch footpedal, take your hand of the bars, grab the top of the shift lever, move it to the next gate position and engage the motor again. If you think about doing this on a rutted 1920s road, you'll see where the "suicide" bit comes from.
  13. Ahh yeah I've used one of those. A 1920ish BSA.
    Although it didn't have a clutch! You just swapped from High/Low gear with a lurch.
    Might I also mention that the brakes are just incredible. They can bring you to a complete stop from your maximum 50kph in a matter of minutes.
  14. Race pattern is also easier for clutchless changes, as you snap the throttle, a downwards tap on the gear lever changes the gear.

    Adjustable rearsets help with setting feet position (and therefore control position). :)


    The Tuono has the gear lever and brake lever on adjusters that allow the controls to rotate and change their position, without having to undo bolts and move the levers on their shafts.
  15. Uh oh... Treee fiddy and Cejay mentioned clutchless changes... tree mentions lurching, Cejay mentions snapping... uh oh, the universe is about to fold in on itself because this just can't happen... cue Bonox... 5...4...3...2...


    Suicide pattern is also so named because in the heat of the moment, one could forget what's what and which way is up and put the bike in compression lockup accidentally...
  16. The "suicide" part traditionally refers to the clutch.
    Early motorcycle clutches had a locking rocker mechanism which you could push down and then remove your foot from.
    A suicide clutch works like a car. In or out.
    The shifting part is either tank or gate (attached to the tank) or jockey (attached to the transmission).
  17. If you need to upshift through a fast lefthander, race pattern is easy, roadpattern will rip your boot off the peg.
    Race pattern makes more sense, but we can't change the world now, can we?
  18. And take care when you change from 1 down, 4 up on the left to one up, 4 down on the right. (Yamaha AS1 to Bultaco Metralla)

    You can run into trouble if you aren't careful (DAMHIK) :oops:
  19. this should be stickyed.... now im gona go adjust my gear leaver all this time i thought you couldnt adjust it