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Being a Ride Leader - step up and do it.

Essential information for ride leaders

  1. cjvfr
    Being a Ride Leader

    Group rides can be great fun, although they don't appeal to everyone. Riders and especially new riders can benefit...
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  1. The above was written with the assistance of other ride leaders but if you have anything that you want to add then let me know.

    I want to post a few Learner friendly ride routes up as well. It is commonly posted that any route should be suitable for new riders provided they take it at a suitable pace. I tend to think that roads with decreasing radius corners, large amounts of dirt, narrow sections with blind corners etc should be avoided for new riders for a while. If you have some good routes then let me know or post it up yourself below.
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  2. I'm leading one of my first rides this Sunday, so this came in very handy. Probably knew about most of these things already, but it's always good to be reminded. :)
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  3. Tried searching for this but instead of having a leader and one TEC sweeping the rear how many other ways are their of organising a ride? Especially if you know there will be lots of riders with a few L and P's? I was thinking a buddy system - teaming up an experienced rider with a newby - that would allow faster more exerienced riders to just meet at the bunch up points planned on the ride. Will this work?
  4. Yep buddy systems do work, and it is a good way of running a less structured ride and still keeping a lookout for each other. I have found that if the group is largely unknown to each other then people are reluctant to buddy up and you can set out on a ride thinking everybody has a buddy but they don't. An unbuddied person may not be missed if they come a cropper. I am sure that that can be managed but I haven't found a good way yet. Perhaps odds and evens somehow, number plates?

    Personally, even if using the buddy system I still like to have a TEC. A good TEC can let the leader know what is happening down the back of the field, inform the leader if there is an incident and deal with issues. New riders can feel very isolated and lonely down the back and a TEC offers them some security and company. Slower riders can feel they are holding the group up, or feel they need to push harder to stay with the group. That can be a cause of people overcooking a corner and coming down. Hopefully a TEC can spot someone struggling and either help or in some circumstances advise they should leave the ride. Bail out points where there easy runs back are essential in planning a L/P plate ride.
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    OK, I hear you - TEC is a good idea.

    I'm leading this weekend's main Netrider Flag Raising ride - good thing is I know at least half of the riders that have confirmed and at least 7 of them are experienced leaders so hopefully setting up a buddy system should be achievable. There may be two or three riders requiring some extra 'attention' when you look at their posts and experience levels. Will manage this.

    Another question regarding route marking. Does it work well to, instead of having one route marker waiting till the TEC sweeps him, have every rider responsible to route mark untill the rider following him arrives / acknowledges by flashing and takes his place? Again probably for experienced riders only?

    Also (sorry for the double post) - seeing that there was an incident on the Jindabyne trip - what emergency info should be shared?
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    I have never used that system myself but it is commonly used in Military Convoys, they are generally a lot more disciplined.

    I merged the double post.

    Communication was a problem managing the issues on the Jindy trip. I would in future provide a sheet with the Ride leader and TECs numbers at least. Also probably local towing/bike transport companies. Most people know 000 but I would add the Mobile emergency number 112. 000 should work but if it is a foreign roaming phone you may need to use the 112 number.
  7. Sadly even with the past plans and organisations some riders just seem intent on getting lost or worse still crashing.

    Communications is always a problem. Not everywhere has good mobile coverage. You only have to be 70kms from Wagga on the way to Tumbarumba to have zero phone reception.

    I've always worked on the principle that groups bigger than 15 (or maybe 20 depending on experience) are effectively unmanageable on longer riders (think 200km plus).

    Years ago in the club I was in if we got more than 20 show up for a ride we'd split the ride in to 2 groups spaced about 30 minutes apart.

    However, having said that most of the rides organised by the club were along the lines of "We're going to A, then B, C and D. Who doesn't know the way? Here's a map. We'll see you in A. Don't crash".
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  8. A few times Sibi and I have been part of a mini group, with me semi-reluctantly leading (I often fear I am not doing a good job, going too slow or generally taking a more sedate way) and Sibi at the back. These have been very small groups, 5 or so people and we use a bluetooth comms to keep in touch. Makes it handy but not very practical for bigger groups and not everyone has a bluetooth unit.
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  9. often get 25+ on my rides
    seems to be ok
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  10. I'm not going to split our ride since it's all about meeting each other and a shortish ride anyway
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  11. GeorgeOGeorgeO we'll just follow the scent of espresso coffee :cool:
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  12. That should work!
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  13. Seems like I need to pull my finger out and take a few out. Great write up Chris. A couple of TEC issues, if uncle greguncle greg is TEC, his bike is so fast that, even if he rides slowly, he'd be there at the regroup point tomorrow. And Stever42Stever42, as TEC, he'd be able to tell you what was ahead down the driveway you'd accidentally turned down, because he's done them all just for fun....
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  14. Knock em out ExportswedeExportswede, have a great ride Sunday.
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  15. Hey guys, so when is the next one of this group rides happening? I dont see anything on the events calendar.
  16. Usually best to go to the specific thread rather than the calendar.

    Which ride are you referring to?

    Edit: ok, you're in Sydney. Sorry, I don't know. There's a Sunday learner ride in Melbourne, but that doesn't help.
  17. The next "buddy system ride" that GeorgeO and cjvfr talk about

    How do I go about finding these type of events?

    Im a newbie and would benefit greatly from this.
  18. Netrider flag raising ride under the rides planned, NSW section