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Battery Maintenance Guide

Motorcycle Battery Maintenace Tips to keep your motorbike battery at peak condition.

  1. Mouth
    The Battery


    First things first. A 12-volt battery is not a 12-volt battery. Twelve volts is just a nominal,...
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  1. I wonder if having a car/bike battery connected to a trickle charger indefinitely while in prolonged storage is ok.
    I have the latest C-Tek charger on a car and one on a bike. Both in storage.

  2. C-Tek chargers that I know of are intelligent chargers and designed to keep the battery in good condition when in storage. Their manual says "Indefinitely".
  3. No easy answer except to say it really depends on the type of battery and the type of charger.

    For Lithium's - no. not made for 'maintenance charging'
    AGM's - yes, but it depends on the charger and the voltage points it 'triggers' at - should be aligned to the specific battery's specs.
  4. Ok great. I must have missed that part of the manual. I don't have it here anyways. The packaging and literature is at the storage dept.

  5. Hey GeorgeO, my batteries are just the run of the mill lead acid.

    The car battery is maintenence free type and I suspect the bike battery is not. The bike's previous owner replaced the bike battery and a purchased a C Tek XS 0.7 charger to go with it and then threw it in as part of the sale.

    Both my Bike and car are stored elsewhere due to lack of space at my place and I need to do some travelling to get to them in order to check over things etc. When i buy a bigger house i'll be able to move everything under the one garage roof..

    The bike battery was always good due to having it on the trickle and was always able to kick it over to run it, however the car battery had given me a few headaches and so I finally got myself the C Tek MXS 3.8 to help sort this out.

    I set it up last Friday and haven't been back to check on it. Maybe this coming Sunday I hope to get back out there.

    I always mount the chargers outside and away from the vehicle just in case ( with the aid of the comfort extension available)