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4 Insane Things Nobody Tells You About Riding a Motorcycle

4 Insane Things Nobody Tells You About Riding a Motorcycle

  1. tiggers
    I've been gone a few weeks, but I can explain: I just bought a motorcycle. Which means that I've pretty much spent the last fortnight on a...
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  1. 'So there's a several-ton steel box traveling more than fast enough to crush you to death in a nanosecond, and its operator has decided that his safe stopping distance is "up your asshole."'

    This made me piss myself laughing when I first read the article, before I started riding and realised it's completely true!
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  2. haha... reference to the term 'cagers' . so true.
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  3. Represent. :LOL:
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  4. Me ryky wrong time
  5. Yeah, you can tell he is new.
    "But on a motorcycle, suddenly you comprehend the wrongness of speed."

    Dunno about you, but thats one of the first things i enjoyed. Feeling the speed i was going.
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  6. I enjoyed that read, thanks.
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  7. I would have thought there was more than four things;


    the exact moment you lift your visor to get some fresh air in your face will the exact same moment that the largest, sloppiest bug of the whole trip, happens by....
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  8. Lol. Look like motorbike racers, feel like Iron Man. Awesome.
  9. That was a funny read... Enjoyed it very much.

    (I just hope our beige overlords don't read that... I'm sure there are all sorts of "stats" they could pull out of that article)
  10. <tears>.....

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  11. This is classic new rider thinking, or even new bike thinking.

    I had a fleeting, similar thought when I first abandoned 250s for real motorcycles, but it's not that our bodies cannot keep up with the speed we are travelling. It's just that our senses are calibrated at the wrong level till we have enough experience at that kind of speed.


    Loved the bit about armour
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  12. Loved every word of it.. :)
  13. I'm sick of you, minglis! Not because of anything you say, but because of your bloody user title....

    "0118 999 88199 9119 725 3"

    Every time, I get that bloody song stuck in my head. In Moss's voice! BASTARD!
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  14. glad someone finally noticed! :D
  15. It actually took me a minute. I saw it, thought for a second, and went "No, surely not!" then hummed it in my head and realised it was what I thought it was. And now, EVERY FRIGGIN' TIME!
  16. How cars despise us
    Cars dont stop at roundabouts
    Close enough is near enough when they cut or move in your lane
    To wear shorts and a singlet when its warm YES YOU NING NONG,when riding
    To wave at Harleys,
    sorry that was 5
  17. What a funny read!

    that 6 things they don't tell you is an eye opener for me (don't have my license)
  18. I think the main point was that humans are not designed to go more than 25km/hr. In a car you don't realise how fast you are going. On a bike you do, and that's part of the reason it's so awesome.