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3 Wheeled Basic RiderCourse 1.0

Rider Handbook

  1. Mouth
    3WMC riding can be quite a challenge, not just in learning the controls and acquiring maneuvering skills, but also in finding a safe way through real-world traffic. If you’re willing to embark on a journey that develops the special skills and strategies of a good rider, this course is for you. Your experience and participation will lead to a better understanding of the riding maneuvers and the mental skills necessary to enjoy 3WMC riding to the fullest. Through this process, you might even decide that 3WMC riding is not right for you.

    This course covers the fundamentals for you to develop your capabilities to become a safe and responsible rider. It provides the opportunity for you to learn the physical and mental skills important for operating a 3WMC. In the classroom, you will learn ways to minimize risk and handle special riding situations. During the riding portions of the 3-Wheel Basic RiderCourse, you will be coached to develop the physical skills of basic control that include: clutch/throttle control, straight line riding, stopping, turning, and shifting, and then move on to more advanced skills in stopping quickly, cornering, and swerving.