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10 Things They Never Told You About Becoming A Biker

The silent unknowns they always forget to tell you first

  1. Mouth
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  1. Havent had a bee yet....other bugs but bees....hopefully I haven't jinxed myself :)

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    I've had a wasp in my helmet, casually walking up the inside of my visor, luckily I got it out quickly!

    11. Cager Spidey Senses
    You can pick out the cagers in a split-second. Blocker, Ignorant, Bikers Mate, Unmarked Popo, Chick, Texter, Ricer, Tradie, Boombox? You know them better than they do, and you can pick them out at three hundred metres, around a corner, on a rainy day.
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  3. Perhaps maybe provide link to source - this is an old article written by another.
  4. It was recently submitted, without reference. If you could advise a link, will be happy to update appropriately.
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  6. Well happened today...not a bee but thinks perhaps a spider? Hurt like hell..pulled over and ripped jacket off and did the old shirt shake...still sore...was bound to happen :)
  7. haha yes , a bee sting, on the neck stung a bit , poofter bee
  8. Got a bee in my chin vent once, I knew it was a bee instantly from the faint smell of honey.

    Worst thing was when I got to uni and discovered the poor bastard was still alive, but in two pieces. I had to fish both halves out with a stick and put her out of her misery.

    Good article, all with a decent grain of truth (except #9 if you own a Ducati :p)
  9. I've had 3 bee stings. One on the eyebrow (hit the bee arse on at 100km), one in my glove and one on the temple (caught between my head and the helmet!) I reeeeaaally hope I don't get anymore. They are a real pain (excuse the pun!)
  10. Only been riding a few days and already had a bug up my sleeve. Nothing stingy or bitey though, it did make me think "lucky that wasn't a bee or wasp":p
  11. I wouldn't change a thing about deciding to get my first bike- bugs be buggered - but I can think of number 11 missing off the list off things that you don't get told about becoming a biker...your non-riding partner's response- you may get all the encouragement in the world (aren't you a lucky b) but guess what it may not be the "go you good thing " or " well aren't you the hottie now" that you were hoping for.
    I think it is almost like I am having an affair- which I guess I am sort of- in a mechanical sense-I am viewed with suspicion about what possessed me, where I am going, how long I will be , who am I meeting up with, why was I out so long, what could I possibly be doing for 3 hours on a bike, but my favourite is - I am old now so I will break something and guess who will be stuck looking after me. Nice one honey!
    I had suggested let's learn together, even allowed my Wasabi to be dropped (and kept my mouth zippered) all because someone wouldn't listen to instructions about clutch and braking.
    God give me a bike to ride any day- pure escapism and you never know who you may meet... :troll:
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  12. Out of the two open 5mm vents at the top of my helmet, a fly had to kamikaze itself into one of said holes on a freeway. It wasn't until I'd taken my helmet off, ran my fingers through my hair and realised I had fly body mash all over my hand. I couldn't wait to wash my hair that night :-/
  13. Experienced a new creepy crawly helmet horror and needed to share- it is orb season in the Sydney burbs and they festoon their webs between just about every upright thing around the house and it is battle of the wills running the gauntlet of them each morning. Anyway I put my helmet on the top of the garbage bin whilst I was birthing the bike out of the garage- I didn't realise that I must have managed to swipe the corner of a geometrically perfect orb web whilst putting brain lid on the bin. So bike was born and ready to ride , stick on the helmet, start the baby up- zoom off, go to drop the visor and Jesus wept there was a huge mother of an orb with a butt to rival mine wobbling around the inside near the corner where you tip the visor down!
    I am hoping that the people behind me thought I was warming my tyres up very professionally (not) but I was actually trying to swipe the bugger off without killing it (inner buddhist reigns supreme) or me. How I remained upright is for the laws of physics to work out.
    Lesson learnt- beware the spring orbs and check helmet with a stick before putting on head!:troll:
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  14. I had a swarm of bees show up in my way once on a country trip ans I had an open full face (no visor) so I copped a heap in my face and swelled up as I'm a bit alergic.
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    Maybe you should change your mood to buzzin... Red DwarfRed Dwarf ?
    Jokin... How'd you get your helmet off?
  16. was riding one night when i encountered a swarm of christmas beetles;-) I usually ride in an open face helmet, and this night was no different. they were pounding off my helmet, chest, face, bike the lot, and I could see them charging at my lights from every paddock..... they really hurt, but all I could do was laugh like a mad man out there in the boondocks. just me and a million christmas beetles:clown:
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  17. I’d like to add one that is a cross between 1 (Animals) and 10 (The boogers). Friday evening after a scorcher of a day, I rode into town and was assaulted by the smell of a decomposing kangaroo that had been cooking all day. Seriously nauseating:yuck:. I had to flip my visor to clear the smell which became trapped inside my helmet.
  18. There's a lot of dead stuff out there...get assailed by putrid odours all the time lol...
  19. I had never given it any thought so it was a real shock. I held my breath on the way back as the only alternative was a 15 km bypass on the Calder. Which I would have gladly done if I didn't have our Chinese take away in the back pack. :D