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10 things new riders do completely wrong + 7 more things new riders do completely wrong

10 things new riders do completely wrong + 7 more things new riders do completely wrong

  1. robsalvv
    The first few hundred miles any new rider puts down are laced with trepidation and anticipation as they discover another world of experiences and...
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  1. Thank you for posting

  2. Oooh, I like various sections of the follow up article (y)

    Nice post mate.
  3. Good posts. Thanks for that.
  4. Well done Rob. :)

    A lot of simple to understand points, addressing rider problems that are prominant and 'in play' all the time.
    Reminded me of one specific point that I had pushed to the back of my mind inadvertently.
    Nothin major, but it shouldn't be forgotten.
  5. great find Rob. good summation , not too much for anyone to take the time to read.

    have to nitpick one teeny weeny thing though.
    in paragraph >5. A lane is a lane. Not.
    > could be edited to suit riding on the left side of the road. as is currently worded for US >"the left section is the best place to be" because they ride on the right side of the road.
    but in Aus 'the right section is the best place to be. or most ideal, advantageous.
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  6. lot of good points mate,
  7. Good point. I hope readers can flip their left & rights to suit Aussie conditions.
  8. Nice work Rob!
  9. Thanks heaps for putting this up, I like to have all the information I can get :)
  10. Keep them coming..
    You'll never know who lives you are saving with these kind of information
  11. i think this one is important to the Australian Roads

    It is better to be suprised by a car doing the right thing, than being suprised by a car doing the wrong thing.
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  12. I'm going to suggest three additions to those lists. Things I see new - and sometimes not so new - riders doing wrong all the d@mn time!

    1. Pulling the clutch in as they come to a light, then stopping with the bike still in top gear. Then struggling to get it in 1st gear, or stalling it by trying to get moving in 4th, or complaining their bike is no good because it won't change down through 5 gears while stationary. I know we've covered this on many other threads but it is as common as dirt with new riders.

    2. Poor braking technique. Again, covered exhaustively on many other threads, but all the time you see new riders who've learned one way to stop, which might be the right or appropriate way while doing figure eights in a car park, but is emphatically NOT the right way to stop on the real road.

    3. Not understanding that there are situations which require light control inputs and others that require some force. Sometimes motorbikes don't want to do what you want them to do, and it's an argument you must win - or crash. Many new riders seem to go a long way down the learning path before they figure this out or somebody explains it to them.
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  13. Umm...what difference does it make whether the car is doing something right or wrong? It's more about what WE do, if it happens.

    But I concede that a driver surprising us when he is doing the right thing, may be less of a surprise and more predictable.
  14. So true KD on the braking. So many times I see noobie roll up to a red light and jam the front on causing the front to dive. Dropping their eyes and having to put two feet down to Hold the bike up at the said lights.
    Two feet down at any time is just plain GAY. It's not kewl and never will be except for excusey nerds. Ha ha cant tell I grew up riding trials.

    My three most fondest and frequent memories are:
    1. Putting the gloves on before the helmet. If I have six students two a day will do this. And it still cracks me up.
    2. Stopping the bike by the kill switch or stalling and leaving the ignition on.
    3. Not checking the tyre pressure.
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  15. 1. always a doh! moment, now how do i get the helmet strap on!
    2. do you mean in traffic? i always use the kill switch when i park the bike....i think its a good habit, if you crash you or throttle gets stuck you will instantly go for the kill switch.

    i have seen a rider riding from QLD sight seeing Sydney riding 2 up on an R1, he even wore gym gloves that expose your finger tips...he would turn the bike off & than restart it at every set of traffic lights? weird...dont think his starter motor or battery would last too long

    3. worse i had a faulty guage reading minus 10 psi ! i was wondering why the tyres looked square!
  16. I know a few so called exprienced riders who get some of these things wrong, or maybe they just 'forget'.
  17. I've seen a couple of P platers drop their eyes, followed by their bike. One was making a low speed turn up to a pump at a service station. The other was dismounting in a shopping centre car park. Both riders visors were pointing at the ground, rather than the horizon.
  18. 11. They buy non Yamaha bikes :)
  19. Yep most new riders drop or stack there bike once, so rather drop a yamaha than something decent, like a Honda
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