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Frequently Asked Questions

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Hello and welcome to Netrider. We're glad you have chosen to be part of our community! The purpose of these FAQ's (listed on the left hand side) is to help familiarise yourself with our site. If you have questions at any time feel free to post in the Site Discussion and Help forum or Contact Us.

Please take a few moments to fill in your profile and introduce yourself. While we love 'newbies' and certainly welcome them you're much more likely to get serious answers with your profile and avatar filled in. Most profile information is optional and editable at any time.

Like any community we have a few rules to keep things humming along. You can read through the full terms of service and privacy policy but all of them boil down to 3 common sense rules:

i. Be respectful to your fellow members
ii. Report any problems
iii. No Spamming (unapproved advertising)

When joining any community you can't come in and immediately do everything. There is a period where we get to know you and you get to know us. During that time some functions of the site will be unavailable to you. Gradually as we become acquainted extra site capabilities will open up to you. New members are subject to a few additional rules to thwart spammers such as restrictions on signatures, status updates, and private conversations. A couple of forums are also hidden from view for privacy concerns. These restrictions are lifted once you are automatically validated. Be patient, contribute to the site and enjoy the process.

Alright, now that's out of the way. Ready to ride!?

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Nov 11, 2012
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