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Warnings and Bans

The Warnings system provides the ability to administer warnings and points to members as part of a disciplinary policy. The following system has been configured for use on Netrider:


Inappropriate Content72 WeeksPics outside rules, repeat wrong forum dumping, sexually explicit
Advertising / Spam - 1st offense152 WeeksUsers inappropriately promoting/linking business(es)
Inappropriate Language203 WeeksAbusive, threatening, vulgar, hateful, discriminatory, etc.
Inappropriate Behaviour301 MonthAggressive trolling, nasty baiting, overtly derogatory, ignoring moderator instructions
Outright Spammer999NeverSpam bots, new users with intent to spam only, etc.


These actions will occur automatically when a user's warning points total reaches the defined amount.
10Temporarily Banned for 1 Day
20Temporarily Banned for 2 Days
30Temporarily Banned for 3 Days
40Temporarily Banned for 4 Days
50Temporarily Banned for 5 Days
60Temporarily Banned for 6 Days
75Discouraged while at or above points threshold
100Banned while at or above points threshold
999Banned while at or above points threshold
Last Modified:
Jan 7, 2013
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