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Upload/Attach a Picture or File (Attachments)

You have the ability to upload images (among other file types) along with your posts. Netrider's size restrictions are very generous. All images will be automatically resized to fit within constraints unless they're enormous. There are a couple of different ways of uploading a picture to a post:

To attach a picture from the internet, just click on the small tree picture icon. This will bring up a pop up where you can insert your link to your image, then click on "Insert".


To upload a picture/file from your computer click on "Upload a File" to the right just below the post bit. This brings up a pop up where you can click "Choose File" and browse your own computer for the picture you want. Once uploaded you can choose whether to place a Thumbnail size or Full size Image in the post. Thumbnails are best to be considerate of members with slow connections. If you don't chose either, thumbnails will automatically be placed at the bottom of the post. Click "Post Reply." to complete the process
Note: The picture will be automatically resized to fit the post space if needed.

Netrider constraints on uploaded files are:
Max file size: 10 MB
Accepted file types: zip, txt, pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif
Max image width: 1,600 pixels
Max image height: 1,600 pixels
Last Modified:
Oct 19, 2014
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