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Your Account

You can always access all your account options by simply clicking your name from any page within Netrider.

Your Alerts: This will show you your recent alert activity. You can get alerts for everything from who is following you to who liked a post of yours.

Your News Feed: This will show you what others are up to that you follow.

Likes Received: This will show you all the likes you have received, from who and for what post.

Watched Threads: This will list for you all your watched threads.

Personal Conversations

View Conversations: This will list all the personal conversations that you have been involved with.

Start a New Conversation: Does what it says, it gives you the chance to start a new conversation directly with another user(s).


Personal Details: This is where you can edit everything from your gender to your home page. Just remember to click save at the bottom.

Signature: You can add your signature in here. It is recommended to preview it first then save.

Contact Details: From here you can amend you email address associated to the account if needed and you can also add your identities like twitter to your profile so people can contact you on a social network.

Privacy: Here you can decide if people can see your online status or even who may see your profile.

Preferences: This is where you can choose to view other peoples signatures or change the style you are viewing.

Alert Preferences: Here you can amend the alerts that you receive.

People you Follow: This will list everyone that you follow.

Facebook Integration: Associating with Facebook makes it easier to share interesting things with your friends and import content from Facebook here.

Password: You can change your password here.
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Jul 15, 2015
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