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Classifieds Rules

Netrider and the Classifieds (Marketplace) forum section(s) is a public system and as such Netrider takes no responsibility for any Threads, Posts, Sales, or Transactions that take place on the site.

Any views expressed are those of individuals, and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Netrider team. You will be buying/selling at your own risk.

We reserve the right to remove any threads (adverts) or posts from any discussion which are deemed to be offensive or in any way inappropriate to the nature of the discussion. Any adverts for item(s) that we feel are not legitimate will be removed.

  1. If you are NOT interested in buying or selling, or you have nothing positive to say, stay out of the Classifieds/marketplace forums.

  2. Netrider or the Administrators/Moderators take NO responsibility for any transactions that are initiated here. You are using this site entirely at your own risk.

  3. You can contribute to a thread by asking about what's being offered. But do not argue about the price, and do not link to what you consider to be a better deal. If you think the asking price is too high, or you want to make an offer then contact the seller via conversation (PM).

  4. You cannot sell something you do not have in your immediate possession.

  5. DO NOT sell or post requests for any item(s) considered illegal.

  6. Once an item has been sold, or the item in question is no longer available, please post in the thread to let people know. When sending money try and use a service such as PayPal etc. and make sure you get the other person's full details - their real name, real address and their real phone number. If you're unsure as to their validity, telephone them. It is important that you confirm the sellers validity BEFORE sending any money, do not become a victim of FRAUD!

  7. Threads not adhering to the guidelines will be removed. Participants, buyers or sellers, who cause trouble to other users of the forum, either deliberately or inadvertently, will be warned/banned.

  8. DO NOT create a thread just to see what sort of offers you will get if your were to sell. To ascertain interest in an item, please use the Products and Services forum section. If it's NOT for Sale then DON'T create an Advert.

  9. INCLUDE a base PRICE, even if you're unsure of the value at least give some sort of indication. e.g. Price in the region of $250. If you get no interest then try lowering the price a bit.

  10. DO NOT reply with 'Good luck with the sale', 'Nice bike', 'Wish I had $9000 to buy it with', 'That looks mint or similar', etc. If you're NOT interested in purchasing then DON'T reply.

  11. Any threads (adverts) which contain hardly any info will be deleted as they just waste time. If you want to sell something then at least make an effort!! We will remove any posts that do not follow these guidelines without giving any notice. We don't have enough time to advise people every time we do something.

  12. How To Deal with Sale Problems? Netrider admin may be able to help you, however, this cannot be guaranteed. If a member of the admin team does get involved it will be at their own discretion. Regardless, it is important that you advise a member of the admin team of any problems, as you may not be the only person experiencing problems with the other party. Should we receive complaints about people who sell goods and not send items out on more than one occasion your access to the for Classifieds / Marketplace forums may be blocked. The decision made will be final and your access will not be re-instated. Any problem sellers will be named and shamed, and their details will be shared with other forum owners to prevent them from trading again. All details are logged and kept by Netrider and this information will be handed over to the Police or for recovery of goods or money if requested. Please be aware of this when placing an advert. Anyone who is banned from selling goods and attempts to re-register or sign in using another username will automatically be banned. This decision will be final and without warning.

The Rules are subject to change without notice
Last Modified:
Apr 27, 2016
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