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Xmas in Mildura

  1. Xmas at my parents place in Mildura this year and I can't pass up the opportunity to ride over :)

    I dislike the Hume Hwy with a passion so decide on the Mid West Hwy across NSW to the far corner of Vic and the dusty little oasis that is Mildura just over the border on the Murry river.

    I've done the trip before and as seems to be my way when on my own the plan may change for any whim that happens to strike me, this time It comes while making final arrangements the night before, I think... wouldn't it be awesome to see the sun rise over the desert? an hour later I'm off.

    Freezing my butt off wearing the summer jacket I got for the trip, a quick 2am Maccas coffee in Lithgo and it starts raining yay! throwing my wets on cursing my dumb ideas there's no turning back now, but by the time I get down off the mountain the stars are bright and a huge low full moon is guiding my way like a beacon.
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    0530 and sunrise over the western NSW plains is more than any phone pic can capture. It's the 25th, Christmas morning, I'm sharing it with the roo's and the emu's, haven't seen anyone for hours, beyond that the feeling of this time and place is indescribable and I've decided not all dumb ideas are equal.
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    No twisties out here and the cold is long forgotten cause it's 36 in the shade, but there ain't no shade.
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    Toro toro... Part of the long paddock.
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    A wave to Santa in his big red Kenworth
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    Not just the open road but the dozens of small towns and folk along the way make this an adventure I highly recommend.
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    After a couple of days with family in Mildura I blasted the 600 or so Ks to Albury making up for the shortage in bends of late to take a ride around kosiosko national park and the Alpine region with thanks to damedidamedi who google mapped me a route. Then headed home to Sydney, 2800km's that I won't soon forget.
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  1. Hillsy
    Thanks Steve, yes pretty amazing country, has inspired me to get out even more if that's possible. Soon as this weather clears up I'm going to organise another Oxley run :)
  2. hardyakka
    Fabulous photos Hillsy and that must have been a great ride.