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Wrong thinking

By Batchy, May 13, 2016 | |
  1. Having been away from bike ownership for a long time, I thought it would be fairly straightforward to jump on a bike and be away.
    I'd had a chance to ride bikes; other peoples'. But ownership and a few hours ride are very different. You don't have much of a chance to really get to know someone else's bike.
    Being fairly confident I could take it on again, my first few rides were easy enough.
    Then I started to notice changes in the way the bike felt under me.
    The bike liked to follow grooves in the road or would steer itself away from bitumen pushed up by heavy traffic. Following heavy vehicles caused instability because of the turbulent air.
    Getting used to the hand controls on the bike's bars took some learning as well. The high beam switch and indicator cancel are find to find in the dark with gloves.

    Then I realized the problem. Overconfidence.
    I realized that I was approaching motorcycling as if I was experienced. I was once, years ago.
    Coming back after a long break, meant I was no longer experienced. Bike technology has come a long way, the traffic is much thicker and skills I didn't have, are much needed now.
    I'm long passed the idea that I'm indestructible. The reality that an incident can come from anywhere, at any time to spear me into a guard rail or the bush, is ever present. Once, I didn't think much about it. Wrong thinking.

    So now I think of myself as a new beginner. All the coordination of hands and feet is in place, but gear changes are sometimes jerky and coming to a smooth stop isn't always smooth. I've decided that I should ride as a beginner and give attention and awareness to building skills. Keeping on the lookout for other road users who don't behave predictably is one thing I need to practice. There could be a car backing out into the street or a child that pops out from behind a car.
    It's exhausting.

    I'm booked into an advanced riding weekend, watching videos on building skills and trying to be a more competent rider.
    I'd like to grow old and survive to enjoy many years with the wind in my face.
    It's fantastic coming back to two wheels.
    I'm having a ball out on the road.
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