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Winter has come

  1. This weekend was supposed to be my first real big winter ride... I thought I was prepared... I wasn't!

    The week leading up was sunny... even the weekend was to get to a nice sunny 16 degrees.
    I was really looking forward to my first group ride.

    Prepping involved dressing in thermals top & bottom. I had nice warm woollen socks, so toes were toasty.
    I had lovely inners for my gloves, which I hoped would keep my fingers from freezing.
    I even managed to layer 3 thermal tops under my jacket to keep the bitter chill from my body.

    Meeting time was 7.30am so I set off earlier than needed as I was not really sure where I was going and wanted to give myself enough time to get there. Everything started off so well.

    On leaving the house it was 2 degrees, though the weather app told me outside would feel colder than it was, but still, I thought I was ready.

    The first few kms felt good. The slow speed was due to the street limits and with little wind chill, I was looking forward to my first group ride.

    My visor fogged up at the lights yet cleared quickly as soon as I was moving again.

    My speed picked up as I entered new street limits and at 70km, I was starting to feel the wind whip around and through me.

    As I hadn't gotten lost on my way there I was 45mins early when I arrived at the meeting point.
    The wind chill increased as the ride went on and the layers I thought would protect me let me down. My teeth chattered as I peeled myself off the bike.

    As I waited for the group to arrive I had time to take stock. I was getting colder as the morning wore on and I had to bail, there was no way I was going to be able to complete the ride.

    I left the meeting point before meeting any other riders. dejected I rode off home but I'll be better prepared for my next attempt at a winter ride.


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  1. hellcat
    you're right... will try the marshmallow look next weekend... :)
  2. Valvoline
    I feel for you! I was wearing up to 7 layers when riding in Victoria 2 wks ago! No joke. Even if you look like a marshmallow - as long as you're warm, who cares! :)
      hellcat likes this.