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When your breath gets taken away.

  1. View attachment 49979 View attachment 49980 It's inexplicable how sad and anxious one gets the closer you get home / to your destination, regardless how sore your arse may be. image. image. 001.JPG 452.JPG 457.JPG

    I estimate I've done about 2,700kms in the last 5 days & the last 200kms into Melb (yes, I survived! :D) was fought by the urge to find another twisty road AWAY from my destination.

    The last day was the longest, hardest and most isolated: but the one that filled me with the biggest warm & fuzzies.

    I can only surmise the overall feeling of achievement that comes from doing something just bordering on loco. But also, you know you've come to that "special place", that bikers know.... Where the voices in your helmet all fall silent, to admire with you the scenery you've stopped your bike on - and breathe deeply "wow".

    Bogong Alpine Way, Falls Creek Dam, VIC did just that for me today. <3
    452.JPG 457.JPG

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  1. Rus Ler
    Love it up there, really a special place, Falls Creek dam is actually Rocky Valley reservoir, done quite a bit of cross country skiing, hiking and 4wd around there, was there in January and already yearning to return - it gets under your skin
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