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When you have no plan...anything goes!!:)

  1. Haha..I just love living in the moment.. nothing is ever a problem, just issues to be work with and resolve.. Well at least that's my take on it.. :)

    Sunday was a beautiful day. Sun shining, car packed and travelling along the Hume, to our destination - Albury. Dropping our little people with their grand parents for the next 2 weeks left mixed emotions. Jim and I felt the oddness that comes with driving back to Melbourne on our own. Knowing the kids weren't going to be with us for 2 wks felt "weird". We just sat with that knowing, as with any adaptive process, it would become 'less weird' with time.

    Monday morning rolled on. We woke to a fairly sunny morning. We went for a run together (again, 1st time as we normally tag team our exercise in the morning)..I love 1st time anything!!:)
    Over the morning we checked the bikes, packed our gear, loosely discussed the general direction we wanted to head.

    I laid out my gear - too much!!. I ended up buying a US30 DryBag - 100% waterproof drybag / tailpac - from Andy strap (thank you to a fellow netrider member for recommending this site). The beauty of this set up, is that I can buy a 20lt, 10lt, or 5lt dry bag to attach to the 30ltr. I may have too if I want to pac my kitchen sink..lol.:) Good ol' Jimmy bought himself a 50ltr dry rider tailpac. Being a minimalist, I was able to utilise a little of his space.. I love this man..x I am constantly trying to understand what is the absolute minimum you require in order to survive..One day I hope to work it out..:)


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