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When to stop?

By Batchy, May 24, 2016 | |
  1. OK, we know we love our bike/s.
    And to make the bike truly yours, you want to add your own touch.

    I bought my latest second-hand bike with all the bells and whistles.
    Upon reading the user manual, I noticed that the console should show tyre pressure.
    The manual said the on-board computer monitors oil status, tyre pressure, air temperature, fuel consumption, etc. But pressing all the buttons would not show any tyre pressures.
    So the bike took a trip to the dealer, who confirmed that it should show tyre pressure. I booked it in for a service. After a while, the service manager rang and said the pressure sensor in the rim was faulty. The previous owner obviously had the problem and had the sensor pickup disconnected and the computer programmed so that it didn't report a fault.
    Fixing it was going to cost me about $300. Will I spend the money or not? Do I REALLY need tyre pressure sensors?
    I don't like to own things that don't work 100%. So I paid the money and haven't regretted it for a moment.
    Monitoring the tyre pressure on the fly is a bonus and a true safety feature. The computer gives an indicator light if the tyre pressure changes quickly, detecting a slow leak before you have a flat tyre.
    Now it's part of my regular pre-ride check.

    After a few rides, the bike started to get dusty and bug splattered. You know it's time to clean the bike.
    My bike came with an after-market exhaust system that sounds great. With a cheerful rumble, comes heat discolouring of the pipes.
    No matter how I scrubbed, rubbed and polished, the pipes refused to give up a beautiful shine.
    Reading through one of the many online bike forums, someone posted photos of their ceramic coated pipes.
    I thought "that's for me". No more dirty looking pipes.
    A local guy has a ceramic coating business. I looked at some of his work and handed over $180 of the hard-earned. The pipes look super and always clean and polished. After 2,000km of riding, the pipes still look nice.
    Again, no regrets.

    And now I want cylinder head protectors, $200. A GPS would be handy; $200 on eBay and a GPS mount for my model, $230. Plus more.
    I'm sure most of us can think of bits and pieces that would make our wheels and life more convenient.
    But when do you stop spending?
    There's no end of stuff that we think we need.
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