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What the Wisemann Said...

  1. (Wooloongong to Newcastle). 11hrs on the bike. How can it take that long, one asks!??
    That's one of the differences between a motorcyclist and a cager: we pick the most convoluted way to get to our destination!! Lol :hilarious:

    Saying my sincere thanks & goodbyes to icemakericemaker for his hospitality and into the early morning. Leaving the Gong gave me a most challenging of learning experiences : how to ride at about 45degree angle - in a straight line - and hold the bike upright for dear life at lights when you can only manage tiptoes as a base. :nailbiting::dead:The BOM was predicting severe, damaging winds in the total area I was going to go - but I was determined to meet the rest of the NR Sydney-ites for a ride!! It had been washed out once before: wasn't going to happen again !! Grrr :mad:
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    As it happened once I went through the most terrifying Illawarra escarpment crossing and highway trek, the wind died & gave me the most spesh of 'good-morning' hello I'd seen....<3
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    Met up with Steve VtecSteve Vtec, Andrew WestAndrew West & 69SIM69SIM (thanks SibiSibi for letting him out today! He'll owe you one ;)) for ticking off things off my riding bucket list. Steve Vtec done an amazing job of leading the saddled cavalry to Wisemans Ferry, find me some BIG items, the Awesome Tunnel, Somersby waterfall, & Pie in the Sky....You're a trooper mate!! :D
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    The Wisemans loop road condition isn't the worlds best, but it's good to practice your safe cornering techniques and pot hole evasion maneuvers ;-) but pretty loop that was more visually rich than I imagined!

    The BIG boom box... Took me a while to even realise what it was - but it's just classic 80's tackiness charm :wacky:
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    From there I, the gallant pose rode to find the BIG frill neck, and the BIG "ploddy" dinosaur and introduced me to one of NSW's most loved biker's road & meeting joint - ye Old Pacific Highway & Pie in the Sky. Oh how marvelous this piece of road would truly be... If for most of it the posted speed wasn't 60!!! What the!!?? Talk about kill joy!
    View attachment 56561 View attachment 56563

    At Pie, managed to dump the luggage and do a good short squirt to mark the road with a little bit of Qld rubber, doing the dance of joy to have a) no heavy bags, & b) a dry, nice surfaced downhill twisty section! Yay!!
    View attachment 56560
    After lunch it turned into a NR tag team relay since Andrew & 69Sim peeled off, but gave the NSW NR baton over to DrSleepyDrSleepy GigittGigitt for the mission of finding "Ploddy the Dino"... Alas it was not found; but the challenge is on!! Good luck peeps!!

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    Playing along the Old Pac until late arvo, DrSleepyDrSleepy turned both a devil and a saint: the little devil gave Steve VtecSteve Vtec have a try (& most importantly do a rev bomb in a tunnel) :rolleyes: of his sexy Daytona... I think Steve's a gonner!! Lol. :couchpotato:However then became a knight in shiny white steed & leathers, to lead me into Newcastle in the fading light of the day...:angelic:
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    For we had a dinner meeting to keep. One last Sydney-sider introduction which I HAD to do. I had to meet the man himself - the Duke 390 track racer and most importantly , coffee & MV connoisseur - Mr GeorgeOGeorgeO. :LOL:

    You sir, have shown me that if you can thrash the Duke round a track & use it as a syd commuter; my lawnmower can certainly handle this trip or anything I can throw it at!! An honour to have met you!! (y):woot:
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    The energy of a cut's lizard tail,
    The passion of a Spaniard at motoGP,
    As annoying as a flea in the ear,
    With the love for biking as Kayne West loves himself.
    Looking at life through vertically challenged eyes.
    Valvoline.... you know what I mean! ;-)


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  1. chilliman64
    good stuff!
  2. 69SIM
    A pleasure to have had your company for two days Valvoline, both Sibi and I wish you all the best and have a safe but exciting ride home.
  3. Steve Vtec
    Great read Viv :) im loving the hoon-in-a-carpark photos, I'll have to make an album up haha. So lovely to have met you, was great fun tearing up the old road with you on my tail. For a little bike you can sure throw it around. Ride safely and take some photos with OldmaidOldmaid on the Oxley for us!
      caz64 likes this.
  4. GeorgeO
    Was great to finally meet the legend that is Valvoline.

    I'm glad that you got to enjoy some of the sites that Sydney has to offer. Looks like the Sydney crew enjoyed showing it to you just as much.

    PS: Remember you owe me a cup of coffee.
      Valvoline and Steve Vtec like this.