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What a great time I had on the bike ...

  1. Now I know I am probably putting myself out there for all kinds of scoffs and huffs and ridicule, but I just had the best time on the bike ever yesterday - it was freakin' awesome!

    I have some time off so I booked in for a couple of private lessons and, let me tell you, Greg at Motorcycle Motion is the bomb! First up I just cruised around the range so he could check my positioning and what not. Then it was into figure 8s starting off at a gentle pace. After a few rounds he decided to inform me that I had to increase speed and lean more, he wanted me scraping the pegs. I laughed!

    So off I went, gradually increasing speed and even letting go of the bars at times, I was having a blast. Now I know what relaxed feels like :) Anyway, before I knew it an hour had passed and it was break time. Greg was grinning at me. I was curious. And then he told me I was only about 1cm from scraping the pegs - no wonder it felt so good! ha ha ha

    Next up was some slow control, tight U-turns, practising keeping one leg up at stops all the time and taking off with my foot on the back brake. How quickly I have got into the habit of putting both feet down but by the end of the lesson, I had reverted to one foot down. Good for those hill starts! Then it was on to circles and giving me my homework before Friday's lesson - Beach Road and Carparks here we come :)

    I was so happy with his report of my progress at the end of the session. He told me I have come leaps and bounds since he last saw me (just after getting my license in July). So then it was home to wash Jet and stretch the boots (so need to get into those boots after seeing what happened to a friend's leg not wearing them) while watching Blacklist ... happiness :)
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  1. Diantra
    Little baby steps PetesulPetesul but yes, positive ones :) And thanks Rus LerRus Ler but one thing about me, I never let anyone else take the blame ... doesn't mean I wouldn't like to at times though! ha ha ha
  2. Petesul
    You'll probably always be nervous DiantraDiantra, but that's ok. I see positive steps, and that is GOOD!
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  3. Rus Ler
    I'm ok driving in Melbourne if I know where I'm going, gps also helps out, got a bike gps so all good, I just luv gadgets. You've got a killer grin in your avatar, like you did something naughty and someone else got blamed for it, ha ha. :sneaky::sneaky:
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  4. Diantra
    Unfortunately PetesulPetesul I am still full of nerves in the traffic but I certainly have more confidence in my abilities after getting some very positive feedback from both instructors :) And I understand what you mean Rus LerRus Ler - having moved back to Melbourne a year ago (after living and driving in Shepparton for about 11 years), the traffic comes as a rude shock in the car, let alone on Jet. But all is good, I will get there eventually :)
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  5. Rus Ler
    Thanks PetesulPetesul, I'll be ok, just not use to other traffic close by, mostly country roads and rural towns, happy to drive a cage through traffic, and it will be 10 - 11 am so traffic should be light
  6. Petesul
    Nerves were certainly holding you back DiantraDiantra. Maybe less so now. Great to see. As you know, a little more speed is often required as well - ironically you are safer on higher speed roads going at the expected speed, but to have to be comfortable doing it. Rus LerRus Ler, you will overcome your nerves as well, just takes time and practice.
    Now DiantraDiantra, a little more practice on your own and then time to go on a "real" ride (a ride on some amazing twisty roads in the country, as defined by me).
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  7. Rus Ler
    We all get nervous, I've been riding for quite a while but not in traffic, have to travel the Geelong freeway and Western Ring road next week on my way to the Boulevard International meet in Blackheath so am a bit nervous about that but will be out of peak hour so should be ok - happy to drive in heavy traffic just haven't done it on a bike before
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  8. Diantra
    Lessons are great for me Rus LerRus Ler - the guys at Motorcycle Motion are fantastic and really get where I am coming from when I talk about my nerves. I'm hoping to have some more if I can work it with the hours of work and when they are available :)
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  9. Rus Ler
    Great to see you so excited DiantraDiantra, getting lessons wil only increase your confidence and make riding more enjoyable, now out on the twisties to practice
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  10. Diantra
    Had a second lesson with Jason on Friday PetesulPetesul - it was awesome!!! Emergency braking on a dime and figure 8's were rocking! Pity I couldn't do it quite the same on Jet today but all good - I knew I got the emergency braking right when the bike stopped faster than I could and my ass slid down the seat! ha ha ha