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Well there you have it ...

  1. With persistence I actually did it ... I worked out a way to check my tyres, I went shopping for a little hooky thing for the back tyre (I am so technical! ha ha ha), I got the gear and did the whole chain gig, gave Jet a wash, checked everything else was working, tried out the new helmet and went for a ride - GO ME!

    To the rest of you this is such a minor feat, to me it is mammoth ... and I'm all sorted to learn more in October ... whoo hoo! :)
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  1. Rus Ler
    You go girl, nothing like riding with the satisfaction of having done your own maintainance. Be proud everytime you tick off something on your "firsts" list.
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  2. gre03
    congrats Di! the new helmet looks great. a good chain clean is still on my to-do list.
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