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Well.. I hope you weren't watching this space for too long..

  1. Geez, how time flies eh? (yaya.. I'm Aus-Canadian) December 26th feels like a lifetime ago - considering how much has happened over the last 3-ish months!

    So what's been going on you ask? Or you don't ask.. because you don't care.. I'll understand and won't take it to heart.. honest.. *sniffle* :unsure:

    Nah, seriously tho - I went for the MOST thingo at Penrith Regatta Centre in Jan and.. failed! Bah.. I know it's not such a big deal, lots of folk fail the first round.. but it shyt me to tears that the lady made us.. no.. sorry.. gently suggested to us.. that if we went and stood in the shade and she had to wait for us to gear up, we'd be be done for excessive test time.


    Jebus! I say - it was stinkin' hot - 37c - and sunny.. please lead me to the motorcyclist that would *on purposely* stand in the searing heat - in full gear (bar helmet) - for 45 mins - WITH NO WATER mind you.. I will shake his or her hand (proceeded by a barrage of questions like "WHY??" .. no.. just that question will do..)

    Anyway, killed a tennis ball - 9 points - fail. The bloke that went after me (on a virago) did the left hand turn, didn't stop in the box, went out of the range, got off his bike.. and well.. he was sick.. poor fella! :(

    So anyway (yes, waffling on as usual) I ended up re-booking on Feb 8, and after hittin' the learners sessions in Homebush (highly recommended!) and going on a mad 7 hr ride with tweets up the mountain before my test, I passed with zero points lost *cheerin'*

    Then this happened:
    View attachment 16489
    and then this happened:
    View attachment 16490
    (a couple weeks after I kinda dropped my bike on my foot - can't relive the story sorry - to painful!)

    Commuting just became fun!

    Anyway.. I'm sure if you've gotten this far into my blog, you havent fallen asleep - so before that happens - I'll leave it at that.

    If you're really keen.. check back in a month - there may be more to read!
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