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Weestrom update

By middo, Jul 24, 2013 | |
  1. I went to Perth over the school holidays, camped for a few nights and froze my ass off. I need a better tent as the current one I was using has fly wire for walls, and lets all of the warmth I have generated out.

    Before I went I installed a power outlet (cigarette lighter type) that runs the air pump for the mattress, and with a USB adapter becomes a phone and SENA charger. I also installed an Easter Beaver connector at the back of the bike for later lighting updates on the panniers I am intending to make (in the distant future).


    Picture of power outlet.

    Next is to find some time between house renovations and kid doing year 12 to make up the panniers. I will keep everyone informed. I have also started a thread in the modifications with more photos for those interested.


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