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Watch this space

  1. So to start, My names James, I'm 20 and Live in the hills district of Sydney, I've had my licence(again) for about 4 days, and haven't looked back, I was nervous about getting back in the saddle.

    The reason for my nerves, Well a) I'd never ridden a bike in traffic of Sydney, b) about 4 months after I started riding I had an accident cracking 3 ribs and writing off my 09 Ninja 250r.

    This was scary but after my father in law (to-be) suggested I started riding I started not so seriously searching for bikes, but then my little ZZR250 popped up and I scored it for a measly $500, needed work, but it was fun.

    Now after learning to ride all over again, I have my licence and am a regular commuter, though every time I ride, I never want to get off and go home.

    So yea, I guess I'll try do monthly updates on here to keep anyone who is really bored enough to read this updated!
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  1. MadAzz300
    Good to see you didn't get put off because you were.. well..put off.. stick with NR if ya want to go on group rides... there's always something happening :)
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  2. Mouth
    Welcome James, look forward to reading your travels.