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Wagga Wagga to Cape York.

  1. Wagga Wagga to the top of Cape York, on board a 2008 DR650. 8715km over 28 days.

    As it has been very wet and cold in Wagga, I decided as soon as there is a break in the weather, I shall load up the bike and hit the road.
    The morning I left it was -1C* and I was heading to a place averaging 30C* daily, so I had to pack both winter and summer riding gear.

    Day 1 (Wed): Wagga Wagga to Cobar (NSW) 521km
    I got off to a late start at 11am, after adding a few more GPS waypoints to my Garmin 62S.
    I slabbed it across to Ardlethan, then hit the dirt bound for Lake Cargelligo for a feed, from there I crossed over to Mount Hope (Just a pub there) then north to Cobar. Plenty of feral goats wandering near the road on my way into Cobar.
    Stopped to check out the lookout, overlooking the mine.
    Found a nice camp site near the lake, at 'Newy Reserve'.
    Today, was to just make distance between myself and the forecast rain.
    PICT0774.JPG PICT0778.JPG

    Day 2 (Thurs): Cobar to Eulo (Qld) 500km.
    Awoke to a foggy cold morning in Cobar, packed up the bike, made a coffee, then headed for Louth.
    Louth was a hive of activity in preparation for the 'Louth Races' to be held over the coming weekend.
    quite a few revellers were already gathered at the pub for an early start. As tempting as it was to stay for the weekend, I need to push on (maybe next years trip ??).
    Up the dirt to Wanaaring, with the road a lot more chopped up from all the 4WD traffic heading for Louth, and a few patches of sand
    PICT0788.JPG PICT0784.JPG
    Fuelling up at the Wanaaring store, I was told most the roads in the area have only just opened, due to heavy rains and flooding. From there I heading north for the Queensland (QLD) border crossing at Hungerford.
    Wild Dog Fence (Dingo fence) which was the longest fence in the world at 8614km long; however, has now been shortened to 5614km of continuous fence line.
    PICT0789.JPG PICT0791.JPG
    PICT0794.JPG PICT0795.JPG
    Hungerford Hotel.
    After leaving Hungerford I headed for the tiny town of Eulo, camping down by the river, after a look around town, and a beer in the pub, where I chatted to a local kangaroo shooter (interesting profession)

    PICT0799.JPG PICT0804.JPG

    Day 3 (Fri): Eulo to Adavale. 340km.
    Fantastic weather greeted me, so while I waited for my kettle to boil, I decided to do a little bike maintenance.
    I usually spend about 30 minutes each day, just checking bolts for tightness, oil levels & looking for any problems that may develop later on, when I'm out of phone range in the middle of nowhere.
    From Eulo, I headed over to 'Toompine Hotel', for an early lunch. What a great pub, donga's available as well as a campground and hot showers. Chatting to the pub manager, the pub comes with 10,000 acres; so the boys run the cattle and the ladies look after the pub. (a lot of hotels, are stand alone pubs, often with fuel bowsers attached, and not much else in the area)
    On the way into Quilpie, I detoured to 'Baldy Top' lookout to take in the views.
    PICT0810.JPG PICT0811.JPG

    From Quilpie, I hit the dirt for the township of Adavale.
    Along the way, I saw a couple of snakes.

    Adavale, with a population of 20 people & 20 million mosquitos, is built on flood plains and regularly cut off by flood waters.
    The Campground (at the local hall/ museum is very good) and a good night was had at the pub with some old dudes on a boys getaway and Koss, the publican.

    Day 4 (Sat): Adavale to Longreach. 473km.
    From Adavale, rode north for 220km to Blackall, coming across this strange Mail box.
    With an angry beast, watching me intently, with an open gate.
    PICT0822.JPG PICT0822 (2).JPG

    At Blackall, I dropped into a tyre shop, to replace a leaking valve core in my rear tyre (Probably, just some dirt in the valve; however, safer to replace it now!)
    PICT0827.JPG PICT0824.JPG
    ILFRACOMBE, with old farm machinery etc... lining the main street through town.
    PICT0828.JPG PICT1506.JPG
    Into Longreach with enough time to go visit the 'Stockman's Hall of Fame' at $32 entry.
    PICT0832.JPG PICT0837.JPG
    Qantas museum.

    I camped the night at the 'Free' campground, Apex Park, a couple of kilometers out of town on the banks of the Thomson River. Around 50 motorhomes/caravans at the campground, lucky to find a space for my tent. Then I had to put up with 'Grey-Nomads' telling me about all their ailments and how dangerous motorcycles are.
    Then all night long, farken roosters crowing. Never again will I camp there.

    About Author

    Been riding since I was 10 years old.
    Dirt riding has been my main forte; however, this tar thing isn't too bad either.
    Current bikes, Suzuki DR650, Yamaha XJR1300 & a KTM 125sx.


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  1. Jeffco
    Looks like a great trip :) great pics, the snakes was a nice touch :)
  2. Shorty-
    Now that's riding a bike.
  3. Valvoline
    Love the contrasting soil colours! :)
  4. dobbo
    Check out the continuing story over to the right there >>>>>>>> (More in Dobbo's Travel)
    I've broken it down into stages, as it is such a big ride.
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