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VTR250 Service Etc

  1. Hello All,

    With the supervision of my far more mechanically-minded partner I have taken it upon myself to be more responsible of the servicing and maintenance of my bike. He was nice enough to download for me an owner's manual and workshop manual.


    I posted about this in What's been done to your bike today? but for you here: it'd been running a bit crap in the top third of the revs, just gutless and a bit choppy, also difficult to keep her going smoothly at low speeds. I would have to give myself 10mins to get it warmed up, otherwise the slightest touch of the throttle would cause it to cut out, PAIN.


    Last weekend I gave her a much needed oil/filter change, new spark plugs and a bit of a polish of the tank & tail.


    Last night after work we pulled the airbox off and prepared to replace the carby with a better functioning second hand number from another VTR. However the screws holding the airboxy whatsit to the carburetormabob were larger than any of the screwzamadrivers we had available and had to pause to go and purchase an impact screwdriver. (note picture is before tank off duh)


    This morning went pretty smoothly, old carby out, check valve timing, OK, cleaned up some of the harder to get to places while it was in bits, carby on, airbox on, tank on, fuel. SHE LIVES!


    Took her for a ride out to Woodford for a snack and back home feeling much better about how she goes.

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