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Victorian Trip Rundown - Day 9

By 69SIM, Oct 3, 2016 | Updated: Oct 3, 2016 | | |
My brief rundown of the massive 9 day trip for Sabel and myself to Victoria and back.
  1. DAY 9

    2nd October 2016
    Start: Albury
    End: Sydney
    Distance: 553km
    Total Distance: 3116km

    Albury to Home

    The morning dawned sunny! Typical, would have been nice to have sunny weather whilst in Victoria but we still had a great time. We left Albury and made the long trek home along the Hume.


    We made a stop every 100km/hour just to relieve the sore bums and to have a break. At Gundagai we stopped to have a photo with the famous doggy.


    From there it was more endless grey road until hornethornet turned off home near Murulan/Exeter and SibiSibi and myself made the last leg on our own.

    It was a great trip despite a few wet days. Would do it again though plan it slightly differently.

    1) Using the phone as a GPS was good with a couple of exceptions. The GPS tracker I was using initially kept locking up on the screen and the gloves don't work at the touchscreen which was annoying. The best GPS app I found was the TOMTOM app though they really need to add waypoints and route planning to make it perfect.
    2) The Sena 20S unit stuffed up. The cradle gets very wet in the rain and I think it is dead as my mic stopped working. The unit worked fine when on Sabel's cradle but even hers was getting a good soaking which I found disconcerting.
    3) The Legend SW-Motech Luggage was brilliant! Even though we got drenched a couple of times, my gear was never wet. Even between the luggage outer and the inner waterproof liner there was no noticeable water.
    4) Next time I think I'd find a better way of backing up video files. Carrying the MacBookPro was a PITA. At one point I was resenting even having the cameras and having to carry all the battery chargers etc.
    5) I only used ONE hair elastic chilliman64chilliman64 hehehe
    6) If you ever get to go on a long ride like this, I cannot recommend hornethornet enough as a travelling companion. He was great company, had lots of stories and really made the trip a blast.

    Overall Map:
    Total Map.
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  1. Mudfrog
    Hey Simon, great write up, thank you for sharing your adventures with all of us. I was following your progress throughout the trip - no doubt as many other NR peeps as well. Happy you all returned safely and mechanically had no issues. Cheers, Fred :)
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  2. Jeffco
    An excellent write up my good sir :) Glad to see you had a great trip that was relatively incident free.

    Melbourne weather the great unknown :) heres hoping your next adventure is just as fun
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  3. Valvoline
    Fantastic bombastic write up and trip kiddos! :) So glad to hear of the adventures and beautiful meet ups. And most of all, that you all got home back safely albeit being a bit water logged. :)(y)
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    1. 69SIM
      Thanks Val, not as photo-tastic as yours but Sibi will be doing one too which should have some more photo's in it.
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  4. Pompy
    Fantastic Guys, I love that you pressed on despite the weather, I do really wish it was dry warm and sunny, you would have seen so much more, but what an adventure, hats of to you all!!!!!! And it truely was a pleasure spending time with you all. Looking forward to the re union at jindabyne :woot:
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  5. cjvfr
    Great write up and a fantastic trip. It was great to see you all again. Sorry our fair state could not put on better weather for you but perhaps next time.

    I have had similar water issues with my Sena 20S. Once it dried out it came good. I think the issue as you surmised is water getting between the unit and its mounting cradle. I have been running electrical tape around the join to make an extra barrier to water. Haven't tested this fully yet in a downpour.
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    1. 69SIM
      I pulled the cradle off complete and stuck one of the boom mics in and it works. I checked the loom on the mic that was broken and I can see that where the loom runs into the flex area of the small jack plug it's definitely not as stiff. I reckon the wire inside has come loose and it's only the plastic sleeve that is holding it together. Just before it died Sabel complained that when I moved my head she would get a lot of crackle and I jiggled the wire and that's when it died.
  6. hornet
    A great record Simon!! I'm glad you are able to document the mileages especially as I managed to lose my notes from the trip (and many other trips) when I left the top of my tankbag open at the Holbrook fuel stop :(
    And thank you for your kind words..
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    1. 69SIM
      Both Sibi and I are pretty upset that you lost your notes :(
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    2. Stever42
      Bugger, I could have looked for it yesterday when I was in Holbrook. I slept at the sub for a few hours and then stopped and had a coffee at the 24hr servo.
  7. 69SIM
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    1. chilliman64
      you must have only read the post 100 times before pushing the Post button, I have learned from painful personal experience that all posts must be reread at least 200 times prior to public display
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    2. 69SIM
      199 times... I thought 1 extra time wouldn't make a difference ;)
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  8. chilliman64
    mate what a ripper of a write up and some great pics in there - some terrific memories and you met some Netriders who are legend! how nice of everyone to help out and travel with you all you Mexicans have done yourselves proud! (y)

    love the maps accompanying the text a very nice inclusion.
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  9. Andrew West
    'I cannot recommend [​IMG]@hornet as a travelling companion'
    Who can you recommend then :LOL:
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    1. XJ6N
      It wasn't just me who read it like that! :LOL: I suppose it's easy to miss typing "enough" after such a big journey. Thanks for all the blog posts, Simon!
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