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Victorian Trip Rundown - Day 7

By 69SIM, Oct 3, 2016 | Updated: Oct 3, 2016 | | |
My brief rundown of the massive 9 day trip for Sabel and myself to Victoria and back.
  1. DAY 7

    30th September 2016
    Start: Warrnambool
    Midpoint: Ararat
    End: Outer East Melbourne
    Distance: 449km
    Total Distance so far: 2204km

    Part 1 - Warrnambool to Ararat

    Part 2 - Ararat to Outer East Melbourne

    We left Rus LerRus Ler's and headed north to Ararat to meet up with the effervescent Fr33dmFr33dm. Weather was a bit 4 seasons in one day so us northerners donned some wets and we then all made our way to Ballan where we met up with Stever42Stever42, Mick MMick M, Lazy LibranLazy Libran and GoldenberriGoldenberri.

    With a stop off at Trentham Falls we made our way to stay overnight at Stever42Stever42's place. We had visitors come catch up with us in the form of uncle greguncle greg, Ang (sorry, can't remember if she joined up on NR Greg) EDIT: cyanide angiecyanide angie, Mick MMick M and Mr Fantastic - jonnymacjonnymac. Was a great night and a big thanks to Steve for letting us all crash (literally in the case of Sibi... hehehe).


    More to come on Day 8.
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  1. Valvoline
    Even roadkill was in on the action! :D
      Mick M and 69SIM like this.
  2. Mick M
    A fantastic day, riding with friends.
    Great countryside, reasonable weather, happy memories.
    Thanks to all the participants.

    Almost forgot.
    A scrumptious dinner while socializing at Steve's place, was a top way to end the day.
      jonnymac, 69SIM and uncle greg like this.
    1. 69SIM
      Yeah that pizza was awesome! Great conversation too, though I sat and listened mostly, like I usually do.
      jonnymac likes this.
  3. uncle greg