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Victorian Trip Rundown - Day 5

By 69SIM, Oct 3, 2016 | Updated: Oct 3, 2016 | |
My brief rundown of the massive 9 day trip for Sabel and myself to Victoria and back.
  1. DAY 5

    28th September 2016
    Start: Melbourne
    Midpoint: Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie
    End: Aireys Inlet
    Distance: 130km
    Total Distance so far: 1482km

    Melbourne to Aireys Inlet

    The morning of Wednesday was spent bike battery purchasing by hornethornet and coffee sipping by 69SIM69SIM and SibiSibi. We then packed up and began the small run down to Aireys Inlet. Pretty uneventful trip though we can now claim to have gone over the West Gate Bridge under very windy conditions. We stopped off at The Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie for a break and then blasted down to our destination. We went for a walk to the lighthouse there and generally just vegged about.


    Wednesday night became a possible change of plans night. A massive storm was predicted to hit the area over night (it had already laid waste to South Australia) so we were discussing possible options when Stever42Stever42 called us and told us that it'd all be ok but just to check with Rus LerRus Ler in the morning that he was good.

    More to come on Day 6.
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