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Victorian Trip Rundown - Day 3

By 69SIM, Oct 3, 2016 | Updated: Oct 3, 2016 | | |
My brief rundown of the massive 9 day trip for Sabel and myself to Victoria and back.
  1. DAY 3

    26th September 2016
    Start: Bombala
    Midpoint: Lakes Entrance
    End: Morwell
    Distance: 413km
    Total Distance so far: 984km

    Part 1 - Bombala to Orbost/Lakes Entrance

    Part 1 - Lakes Entrance to Morwell


    A bitterly cold morning in Bombala had us riding through Delegate an onto the infamous Bonang Highway. Left corner, right corner, very short straight, wombat... rinse and repeat. Would like to do it again in warmer weather, we just couldn't seem to get any flow with our riding.



    A quick lunch at Lakes Entrance then we were back on the road to Morwell. I though I'd found a relatively exciting route for this part of the trip, some back roads but in the end the long Victorian roads tricked me. One length of road was easily 6km+ long! Anyway, made it to Morwell where hornethornet decided to wash his bike and thus invoked the storm gods as it rained heavily that night :)

    More to come on Day 4.
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  1. cjvfr
    I am afraid the Bonang is not a flowing road. More a "we will throw everything at you in quick succession" sort of road.
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    1. 69SIM
      Hehe, true enough, but still, having done it once it'd be nice to try again in better weather and now with knowledge of what it's like :)