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Victorian Trip Rundown - Day 2

By 69SIM, Oct 2, 2016 | Updated: Oct 3, 2016 | |
My brief rundown of the massive 9 day trip for Sabel and myself to Victoria and back.
  1. DAY 2

    25th September 2016
    Start: Nowra
    Midpoint: Bodalla
    End: Bombala
    Distance: 380km
    Total Distance so far: 571km

    Part 1 - Nowra to Bodalla

    Part 2 - Bodalla to Bombala

    The morning started with us grabbing a coffee from the highly recommended Hyper Hyper Coffee (thanks Mr FlibbleMr Flibble) while we waited for hornethornet to arrive. We then saddled up the beasts and off we went.


    It was a fairly straight run to Bodalla where we met up with Mr FlibbleMr Flibble and had some lunch. Mr FlibbleMr Flibble then took us on a very very very nice ride through his playground. We did get some rain on us at which we donned the wets and it got a tad windy at Tathra but it didn't dampen the fun we had through the mountain areas and down to Bombala.


    We stayed overnight at the Imperial Hotel at Bombala. Highly recommended for motorbikes, Steve is a great host.

    A big thanks to Mr FlibbleMr Flibble for leading us, thank you Sir!

    More to come on Day 3.
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