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Victorian Trip Rundown - Day 1

By 69SIM, Oct 2, 2016 | Updated: Oct 3, 2016 | |
My brief rundown of the massive 9 day trip for Sabel and myself to Victoria and back.
  1. DAY 1

    24th September 2016
    Start: Western Sydney
    End: Nowra
    Distance: 191km


    Final checks were made, the kid was dropped off and we were ready to go.

    It was only a short ride down to Nowra so we were not in any rush. Just before we left home I got a message from chilliman64chilliman64 and Andrew WestAndrew West saying they'd like to ride with us part of the way, so we met them at Eastern Creek and they rode with us until they turned off to go back through to the nasho. We continued down the motorway and then through Wollongong towards the south coast.

    We had a brief stop along the way near Gerringong and then on to Nowra where we stayed the night.

    More to come on Day 2.
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