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venting frustration grrrr

  1. Ok. I just came back for another ride where I practiced solely doing the u turn. I've been riding to work every day this week and I feel I do it ok. But the u turn is killing me! Today, after finding a quite spot, I managed to do a few turns, keeping the clutch on, accelerating a bit and controlling the speed with the rear break but then it had to happen...I ended up falling with the bike and my leg underneath, nothing major, just extremely frustrated.
    Don't feel I have to apologise for not taking a photo of my bike lying on the ground as it was leaking lots of petrol but I took one after which shows the mark left.
    AND I applied (or tried to) the skills to lift the bike doing squads but it wasn't easy with all the gear on. Then a guy came along and gave me a hand (to lift the bike).
    Anyway, that's (one of) my story for today.


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  1. Oldmaid
    Give crazyCam a big hug from me...he is wonderful! :)
  2. Oldmaid
    Na not long at all, started in July 2014 so whilst I am an inexperienced rider, I have experienced being a raw learner...does that make sense? :)
    Those bloody turns were almost my breaking point at whether to continue even riding or not!
    My turning point ha was getting help, in this case from CrazyCam, who watched what I was(n't) doing, and then set up a turning circle gave me a point to look at and off I went like circus monkey. It wasn't pretty and I dropped my bike but I left with enough gold to work with.
    Then it was practice practice. I used to take myself down to Homebush where there is a P test layout and practice and the local netball courts (good way to watch families bond over the shared terror of an L plater looking in their direction when turning ha!)
    I got my poobs but still practice my turns as when you go on a group ride, it isn't a good look to have to do a 20 point turn in front of your mates if you have to turn around somewhere
    Keep your chin up literally and figuratively :) you will get there!
  3. Oldmaid
    Well done for having a red hot go!!!
    When you do the turns, the advice that worked for me best was turning your head, chin up and looking in the direction you want to go.
    But I am you say...so did I !!! :) but when I had something in the far distance given to me to focus on as I turned, I realised that I did actually look down...I struggled at first to do the luna park clown head turn.... :p I am sure I looked a umm bit special because I really exaggerated it all at first
    I too t had a little lie down on the road with my bike as a blanket whilst doing the turns :(
    Keep trying and think luna park clown head turn and chin up literally :D
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