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Tumbling to Tumbulgum

  1. Another most gorgeous winter's day in the great SE Qld, and another rider willing to do the stop start motorcycling tours that I am most accustomed to....:cool: Can't say that you don't get enough rest stops with so many photo opportunities that I now see tumbling at me as I ride. I'm definitely seeing the world in a whole new way, different angle, different light. I still can't put my finger on it; but that is what ultimately happens once you start touring on a bike. :)
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    This ride was open for any NR round the traps but in the end was just a friend of mine & myself for the ride. First was the obligatory coffee to wake someone up, followed by filling up the bike's bellies for the day. Since I didn't have a time table or certain places that I had to see, I made this ride a meander to where ever there was less cars, blueys and where ever looked interesting. :pompous:
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    Ended up at The Pano to take some bike selfies for my friend since he had blinged up his lady of late - new screen, grips, levers, pipes, seat cowling etc. My usual taking pictures of people taking pictures also made the cut :hilarious: hehe
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    This ride then went from the Pano, through Tallai and off into the back streets towards Tomewin and into the back of Murwillumbah. Rolling into the cane fields where people with bigger bikes can enjoy a good spirited twist are the go. Except on this occasion, I was reminded that I was in Qld and or close to it for you could smell the sweetly smell of burnt sugar cane and had to shut the helmet vents from the back burning smoke. :ninja:
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    Mid morning we found ourselves at Tumbulgum, for some refreshments and leg stretching while watching the speedboats wizz by towing crazy people on tubes and ropes, who obviously didn't get the memo of the water being cold.
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    After tumbling through the cane fields it was time to go up high again, and climb a little. Burringbah Ranges it was, since it was one of my friend's fave pieces of road. Who am I to deny him, long sweepers, with dips, perfect road surface, double lanes, wide road, with clear visibility???? :sneaky::smug: Ended up at Mooball at the Moo moo Cafe and museum... which now is looking more like a for sale bikes garage than a museum (but still nice none the less).
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    I did find a sign that reminded me that I am just around the corner from meeting my responsibilities....:wtf:
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    Pushing on through Stokers Siding, Uki, Murwillumbah, Eungella.... through the chanting bells of the Hare Krishna School (oh my what a view they have!), and towards Chillingham. Here is where I had one of the closest calls I've ever had where a truck decided to ignore the double white lines painted on the middle of the road and take up half my lane! (DrSleepyDrSleepy , I was thinking about your incident at this point...scary) Definitely a brown pants moment into a corner, feeling like I was doing skiddies... :nailbiting::dead: I guess that's why they call them blind corners, and I'm sure I wasn't particularly leaning much into the corner, since lets face it: I have some of the widest chicken strips out there! :chicken:

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    I think after that little wake up call, I appreciated the rest of the ride even further! Even found a sign that is most apt for GeorgeOGeorgeO ...
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    End of the ride, dropped my friend off & said hi to his other gf... :) Typical Gold Coastian garage I pressume - bikes & surfboards! lol

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