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Tuesday Night with Chris

  1. So after breaking my leg back in late October, got together with calgarychriscalgarychris for a pseudo Tuesday Night Ride out to Yarra Glen to test out the leg. Beautiful evening to be out of the bikes. 2 x sweet CB400's on a casual ride.

    Leg did well, but not yet confident enough to be standing on the pegs over the many speed humps as I would normally do.

    View attachment 44131

    Took it pretty easy going back for fear of Kangaroos and Wombats. Top Night.

    Absolutely fantastic to be back on the bike.
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  1. calgarychris
    It was a great night, great ride! Thanks GoozaGooza for the lead and reminding me again what a clean CB400 looks like!

    Hope the leg keeps getting better!
  2. ljcoolio
    Good on you for getting back on I'm sure it's the best medicine