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To eat or not to eat? That is the Q!

  1. It seems like my days of multi-day trekking camping trips have paid off while learning to pack - especially rationing food: Being celiac is a royal pain in the rear when touring on the bike cause local bakeries & about 95% of all pub food are strictly off limits.

    So this is what tight-arse food looks like for 7days worth. I know this looks like an Isagenix advertisement; but for any celiacs out there - this is a life saviour! At $12 of food a day it helps save you some $$. For variety add in also some local fresh fruit from honesty box food stalls, a bag of trail mix nuts & some fiber drink mix to replenish electrolytes and...ehem.... Help you move along regularly when not eating too much 'real' food for days straight.

    A protein bar for breakky & a piece of fruit. Morning tea is a peanut butter or muesli bar. Lunch is a protein shake with combined meal replacement powder. Same for dinner. For variety, mix flavours of protein powders & add to then psyllium husks, powdered greens / spirullina other gross-tasting but good-for-you-stuff.

    I've found this is quite ok for 1-2 weeks and it helps you loose weight when touring! however it is nice to treat yourself with a proper meal every once a week or so when on the road.

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