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Time to ride.. Lets see what life brings..

  1. We begin our ride. Did I happen to mention, Jimmy bought his Yamaha 600 last Thursday. Nothing like last minute.:) So, new to him. By all accounts, it's a great ride.
    We had to fill up and I checked my tyre pressure.. 1st hick up!... I've never used an automated air pressure gauge before.. so thinking air is going in, it was in fact, coming out..arrggh. As I didn't know any better, when it stopped working, I thought it had reached it's ideal pressure of 32psi. We took off. Well...I knew things weren't quite right when my steering was all wrong.. Back to the servo. My saviour, Jimmy sorted the issue..lesson learnt. On the road again..
    Gippsland is were we decided to head to. The freeway and highways were a hard slog with the traffic etc. It had also started to rain which added a degree of difficulty. Jimmy noticed his bike was having a few issues with the clutch. We pushed on. When we arrived at Koo-Wee-Rup it was evident his bike was worsening. he couldn't keep up with mine. The nearest motorcycle mechanic was in Lang Lang. We limped our way there only to learn that the ex-Yamaha dealer is now dealing with Stihl merchandise.. Tony, the owner of the Stihl Shop was fantastic though. He tried to help us out. he adjusted the clutch to no avail. We rang the dealer we bought the bike from.. he was gutted. Offer to send parts down.. I rang the local hotel for accommodation but low and behold, no rooms available!! really? population of 1350, and no accommodation anywhere. closest was Koo-wee-rup.. What to do?? Parts would take a few days to arrive. one functional bike, accommodation not local... I reminded Jim, we had complete care with RACV. They provide transport for up to 100km (we were 93km's out) for a break down. So, we decided to take that option.. a transport truck came form Cranbourne within the hour and transported the bike our luggage and me to our home.. Jimmy, the good man, rode my bike in the dark on that dodgy road from Lang Lang to Heidelberg. He was very cold when he arrived. it was a tough ride for him. But he made it home safe... We will begin again in a few days...argh the joys...
    As this trip is all about time for us, this detail is just part of the story,, We still have 11 days together.. i'm looking forward to the next crisis.. I believe these are the moments that draw out your character and create a stronger bond with each other... Next!!
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